A Lifetime Promise to Your Child – Signed. Confirmed. Guaranteed.

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Rachel’s 7-year-old daughter, Serene has a severe food allergy that requires her to be mindful of what she eats. Worried that Serene may accidentally consume something inappropriate from her school canteen, Rachel always prepares a homemade bento meal for Serene to bring to school. Even amidst her own busy work schedule, this is something that Rachel commits herself to do every day, for the sake of her daughter’s health.

Like all loving parents, you’d probably do the same for your children if you were in Rachel’s shoes. You’d put effort to fulfil what you’ve promised to do for them, whether it be to cook for them, attend their all-important school performance or buy birthday gifts they wished for.

If you value little promises such as these, how much more imperative to cherish your vows to always love them and provide for them? However, life tends to throw curveballs and unexpected circumstances. But we can always plan ahead so that the promise and commitment made to our loved ones will be unwavering.

Do you have sufficient protection coverage to give you the assurance that your family’s financial future is guaranteed regardless of where life decides to take its turn?

A 2017 Protection Gap research conducted by the Life Insurance Association (LIA) has suggested that Singaporeans are still faced with insufficient protection and this could be attributed to the rate at which your protection needs are increasing every year. Just within a span of 5 years, the average amount of protection required has increased by 30% but the amount of protection bought has not increased alongside. However, what really sounds the alarm is that 80% of Singaporeans lack critical illness coverage. This means that should critical illness strike, many will only be able to sustain the cost of treatment for less than a year before depleting most of one’s personal savings.

2-in-1 solution to meet your protection gaps

The LIA study suggests that the average needs of children (projected until the youngest child turns 20) for an economically active adult is estimated to be close to $80,000. How can you ensure that you are able to provide for your children’s future with financial commitments this high?

The key is to plan ahead with an affordable plan that covers multiple bases.

AIA Guaranteed Protect Plus is one product that may fit you to the tee. Why? Because it’s a plan that gives you the flexibility to boost your coverage up to 5 times depending on your needs, while maintaining affordability.

The plus point of this plan is its multi-stage critical illness rider that enjoys the same boosted cover as your main plan. This critical illness rider has been built not just with you in mind but also for your little ones with its automatic child critical cover.

The child critical cover is the first-in-market to cover all three behavioural conditions (ADHD, Autism and Dyslexia), apart from 16 child critical illness conditions and other special conditions.

What’s more, this plan also helps you to save for your child’s future with guaranteed cash value accumulation.  

So get started today and ensure that your promise to your child is signed, confirmed and guaranteed!

From now to 31 August, you can enjoy up to 10% savings on your purchased policy! Find out more now or get in touch now at www.aia.com.sg.

Tue 19/06/2018