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A Moment Of Reflection – a tribute to the heroes, victims & survivors of the Japan Disaster

When Mother Nature is enraged,
there is no stopping her from lashing out at those around her.

The Earth is bleeding,
from the mass destruction where homes were wrecked and thousands of lives lost.

For those who survived,
they still have to live in the nightmare of losing their loved ones.

The world is weeping,
for those who didn’t have a chance to run for their lives when calamity struck.

The old, the sick and the little ones
were buried or swept away before they could even cry out for help.

Yet amidst the chaos and suffering,
we saw heroic acts of rescue and extended hands of aid from all over the world.

Despite the mass destruction Mother Nature has brought upon,
the world is hoping
for a little mercy, a glimmer of hope in this whole tragedy.

That those who went through this trial of fire
would stand stronger, fight harder to overcome their loss and rebuild their lives.

May we not be indifferent to the pain and suffering of others around us

May we not take life for granted when some amongst us are struggling to live

And may we have a little compassion and love for those who are suffering now,
starting with a little prayer, and learning to count our blessings every day…







God bless everyone

God bless everyone

Let's count our blessings

Let’s count our blessings and appreciate what we have and not what we dont have.

Whenever i see or hear these

Whenever i see or hear these natural disaster, i always remind myself not to take life for granted and we are indeed fortunate to be living in Singapore, sheltering us from such disasters.

Markfch, that is just one

Markfch, that is just one of the many pictures of tragic horror we saw on TV and newspapers everyday since March 11.

I don’t know where the KSP team got this pic, but thks to them for always providing the appropriate pix/illustrations for all our blog articles.  

Trapwithin, indeed this

Trapwithin, indeed this whole disaster has given me a new respect for the Japanese people. Especially the 50 nuclear plant heroes who volunteered their lives to fight the crisis at the plant. Some of them also have families of their own. They can choose not to volunteer, to protect their own lives first but instead, they chose to sacrifice themselves for the whole of Japan. Very self-sacrificial!

Japs are commendable

One of the amazing things that I saw in the life of the Japanese is despite of the calamaties that hit them … there was tremendous grace and strength found in them.

This is one of the rare times, that I saw people still queuing up to buy the supplies from the supermarket and there is almost no existence of looting. Truly the new generation of the Japs after WWII has shown that they are a very resilient and determined race. Kudos to the Jap.

Only one short comment. I

Only one short comment. I find that picture of turbulence very scary to look at.

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