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A Positive and Unexpected (Home) Birth Experience – Part 2

I had intended to have a water birth for my second child.  I diligently attended private ante-natal classes with DH to prepare for the birth.  I had even engaged in a Doula for support (see link for definition –

But it was not meant to be…..

10 days before delivery

“Alamak babe, got cramps lah, hope its not surges …” This was uttered while in the midst of reading the Sunday papers and sipping my decaffeinated iced mocha at Starbucks outside Pacific Plaza.

“Ok, just monitor and we’ll take it from there” replied my DH.  Obviously he had wisened up from the previous birth experience *wink* (see link for previous birth experience –  Anyway, I decided to just carry on with my plans and went shopping with DH and DS1 after his lesson at Berries.  All the while the degree of pain seemed to be escalating slightly gradually.  However, miraculously in the evening, it stopped.  I heaved a sigh of relief.  My ob/gyn was out of town and also she had allocated me another obstetrician, I fervently wished that she would preside over the birth of my 2nd child.

Life went on as per normal for the next 9 days, although there would be surges on and off at least once a day.  I continued savouring my favourite for the past 9 months – Hagaan Daz belgian chocolate ice cream.  A visit to the obstetrician some time in the week confirmed that the baby would come any time and I was advised to pack my bag.

Tuesday – day of delivery@38 weeks of gestation

I woke up at 8am with surges.  Somehow my instinct told me that this was it.  Coincidentally, I had an appointment to see the obstetrician.  I called out to my DH and told him this might be the real thing for sure.  I had requested to labour at home before arriving at the hospital, which I had done so with DS1, so I proceeded to make myself comfortable in bed and close my eyes in order to focus on my breathing.  Once again, DH coped in the way he could … going about doing his own stuff ie washing up, showering etc … while I practiced my deep breathing in bed.  Suddenly, my eyes flew open, irritated by the whirring sound of the hairdryer …. “Babe, I gotta do deep breathing and visualization … you switch on the hairdryer, how to concentrate liddat?” “Sorry” he replied sheepishly.  “Listen, can you please call your Dad to pick up the boy and bring him to your parents’ place.”  I reminded DH then as I heard DS1 calling out for his Daddy with yet another poser.  I decided to get out of the bed, take a shower and do my yoga poses.  I waddled towards the shower cubicle, intending to shower.

“Whoaaaaaaaaaa …. if the degree of the intensity of the surges are like that now, how is it going to be like when I’m about to deliver?”  Suddenly, I had a strong urge to push ….. and push ….. and push ….. I realized then that I was going to do a home birth.  I grinned … a wide one at that.  This was definitely going to go down as one of the highlight in the annals of our family history … woo hooo!!  Far from being anxious or nervous, I was on an adrenaline overdrive – biiiiig time. 

I went into the shower area, leaned forward, with my elbows placed against the wall doing a half squat – gravity would help the baby descend smoothly. “Babe, get DS1 and helper out of here, and bring at least 4 to 6 towels to me NOW, call the Doula and tell her to come ASAP …” My thought processes were churning feverishly as I panted out a myriad of pertinent instructions and focused on my breathing concurrently.  So much for listening to soothing music, spraying essential oil etc …. Just goes to show no matter how prepared one is of something, sometimes things may not turn out as perfectly planned. 

I felt the ring of fire as the baby’s head was about to emerge.  I was conscious of the fact that the water bag had not burst and that it would probably come out together with the baby.  True enough, I felt a membrane-like substance.  My instincts came into play again as it urgently whispered to me to squat down so that in case the baby was delivered, it would not hit the floor.  In the meantime, my DH had laid the towels on the floor.  Just then, the baby SLIPPED OUT and landed on them.  He gave a loud and protesting wail.  It took almost three hours from the time I woke up for the baby to make his dramatic entrance into this world.  I quickly cradelled him in my arms and waited for my Doula to arrive.   

She came soon after, laid incol sheets and towels on my bed and helped me to the bed so that I could nurse my baby and wait for the placenta to expel.  DH coolly made nespresso for himself and milo for me as we sat on the bed listening to soft music and chatted.  On hindsight, I was probably in labour for the past 10 days or so. It was only much later that DH confessed that he had to call someone to remind him how to make milo *laughs* when it finally sunk in that I had ACTUALLY delivered at home. For me, I was swirling in the mist of exhilaration and achievement.  I had DONE it – and successfully too!  I was not at all exhausted or overwhelmed.  I felt a sense of peace.  The baby was also nursing very calmly. About 2 hours later when there was no sign of the placenta coming out, my Doula suggested that we go to the hospital so that the obstetrician could do the necessary follow up.  So with a top and a sarong skirt tied around me and the umbilical cord still attached to the comfortably swaddled baby, I walked slowly out of my flat and DH drove us first to my in laws, who lived a stone’s throw away, for me to ‘show off’ the baby, then to the hospital. 

Little did I know that there were some ‘spies’ *smile* looking out of the window and that the story would soon spread like wildfire among the few neighbours that we keep in touch with.

At the hospital, as I settled down in the delivery suite, the first thing the obstetrician said when he saw me was “wow, I wish all my patients were like you, then my job would be made easier.”  The baby was given a thorough check up and the paediatrician gave a thumbs up.

I had intended to have a water birth for my second son.  But it was not meant to be …..

It instead, turned out to be an even better experience than I had expected.

Would I be planning for a third child?  You bet.

Would I plan for a home birth? Most definitely, provided the baby or/and I have no health issues. 

Note:  Home births used to be popular among the expatriates here, but it has taken an upward trend among the local ladies too. 




Home Birth

 Hi Autumn Bronze,

Congratulations – though  late!  Curious:  What did you do with your placenta har? I mean – no time for cord blood anything like that, right?:)

what 's in my thoughts is

what ‘s in my thoughts is that since Autumn ‘s neighbours were aware of her giving birth at home and had "witnessed" the baby themselves (as what she wrote in her article), can’t rule out the possibility that one of the "kpo neighbour" could have rang the paper hotline to feed them with "news"……(arent such incidents  common??). the article published here could be an additional info for them to bla abt it…….anyway, juz my guess of how it could possibly happen…..

It is not possible for the

It is not possible for the reporter to even know where autumnbronze stayed.  How is it possible for the reporter to even interview the neighbours?  This so-called "report" is just like a student’s "book review".  So now we have mainstream media sourcing material from social media!  I won’t mind so much if the reported had actually bothered to do some leg work to clarify the facts.  There was no such effort.

We are in the age of arm-chair journalism.

OMG, how can they report in

OMG, how can they report in the papers without permission??!! Hope SPH will give a satisfactory answer or formal apology.


Hi BigD,

You have PM.

 Must demand them to publish

 Must demand them to publish an apology to set the record straight!

No they did not.  And it is

No they did not.  And it is not just printed without permission, but distorted to give a completely wrong picture of what went on to sensationalize the event.  They even lied about the age.

This is "journalism" at its worst.  We will be contacting SPH to take action against that reporter.

Can reporter do that without permission?

Hey AB, Oh dear!! is it allowed for reporters to re-post from the forum without the blog owner’s permission?  Sounds like an intrusion of privacy.

Autumn, that i won't

Autumn, that i won’t know….but these reporters def have their ways to find out……

Hi Augmum, And how would

Hi Augmum,

And how would he/she have known my personal details???

Autumn probably the reporter


probably the reporter interviewed yr neighbours or whoever, they are good at such stuff in order to dig info…..

Then he'll ban himself from

Then he’ll ban himself from logging into ksp and then we won’t get to enjoy his ‘sensational’ notti jokes and verbal repartees *wink*

I know... *wink*. If W2G

I know… *wink*. If W2G post that here, you can go "claim damages" from him…


I not 50 years old leh ….*roll eyes*


No its not ok to post it here Way2GO …

I was NOT interviewed NOR was I contacted by the reporter.

The facts have been misinterpreted in my opinion and she/he even got my age wrong. 

This whole thing is a sensationalization of what actually happened and I wish to have no part of it.




Then thanks to W2G, the KSP

Then thanks to W2G, the whole KSP will know her age… kekeke.

You got PM

Pls chk PM …

OK , I try. Issit OK to post

OK , I try.

Issit OK to post it here, AB?

Doc said what u did was

Doc said what u did was dangerous.

But all’s well that ends well n glad to know both mother n baby r OK.

Don’t know why they headline the age – sensationalize perhaps?

u got interview by reporter issit?





Whut!!! Wan Bao??? ….. How come??? Can liddat one arrrrrrh??? In what context??? This is a surprise to me!!! Errrrr and what does this have to do with my age???? *scratch head*

 I saw the headlines but

 I saw the headlines but didn’t manage to buy a copy. Can scan and post it??

ooi AB, ur article came out

ooi AB, ur article came out in Tuesday’s Wan Bao.

Now d whole of SG knows how old u r!

Hi DersertWind

Hi DesertWind,

Thank you!


Hi ImMeeMee,

No, I salute YOU! And you know the reason why ….

Take care and thanks for dropping by :)))))

Hi chenonceau

Hi there,

Thank you!!

Hi Funx3


Thank you.

I suppose it was a smooth delivery cuz DS1’s birth was smooth too :))))

Also, I did not have any problems during this pregnancy. Not to mention that faith played an integral part too ….

Hi tigger88

Hi hi,

Thank you tigger88.

I salute you for having experiencing natural birth, 2 at that after a C-sec. A lot of women would not want to try that out since they already know what to expect.

Well done AB! Your home birth

Well done AB! Your home birth experience is really amazing!

Too bad I cannot try this at home as my 1st delivery was c-sect. 2nd and 3rd were natural though but need my gynae to monitor closely in case of emergencies.

Bravo to you!!


Kudos to you, Autumn, for knowing exactly what to do in a situation like that! I sure would have freaked out if this happened to me at home… Happy for you at the same time that the experience had been so smooth and memorable. Your DS2 is extremely blessed to have had such a wonderful birth too. Kudos to both mother and son!


Congratulations, Autumnbronze!

I Really Admire U for your Bravery in handling the Home Birth ….! First time I heard among my frens (or e-frens), and not as scary as I thought It would be ….

So …. The Next One Will Definitely be a Water Birth?


Wow! Autumn Bronze! This is

Wow! Autumn Bronze! This is really SOME story!! Congratulations!!


Congratulations, Autumnbronze!

kudos to you AB, you are

kudos to you AB, you are really brave!!!

I salute you!


kudos to u Autumn

hi Autumn, really kudos to u for yr bravery……for trying out of water birth and yr handling of home birth. i couldn’t imagine myself if i would to have a home birth……u’re such a brave mummy!!!

Once again, congrats for the arrival of yr sec son which u had wanted a second child since after the 1 st child.




Autumnbronze, you've finally

Autumnbronze, you’ve finally had time to blog your experience!

Wow! What can I say? You’re absolutely such a brave mummy. You know something? I got more and more kancheong for you and baby as I read on your story. Haha! Glad that everything went so smoothly for you and baby.

Once again, congratulations on the arrival of your DS2!

Pssst…. So, very soon we will be able to read about your 3rd childbirth experience? Heehee!

 Autumn, that was such a

 Autumn, that was such a thrill to read.
You are truly THE WOMAN.
And  a super cool one at that.

Sipping milo, taking a detour on the way to hospital – all umbilical chord still attached ,
haha – you could sell your story to some sitcom

My first had to be a c-section as the baby had passed meconium
For the second , I fought tooth and nail (with DH and gyny and family) to have an VBAC (vaginal delivery), what a sense of accomplishment i felt
Now compare that with what you did – salute

WOooooo HOOooooo!!!

Hi Autumnbronze,

I salute you!! 

Not so long ago, I found out that you are the first real person I know who had a water birth. Super amazed. 

And now, another shocker!! Home birth!! You are one tough mama. :))))

Reading you blog also giving me the high now.

WOooo HOoo!! Cheers!! 

another baby

 anglelight, i think she mentioned having babies so easy, don’t mind having more! so definitely we will have more birth stories from her to enjoy!

autumnbronze, thanks so much for sharing!

i had a doula for my last birth too and it was such a lovely experience. enjoyed it much more than the 1st 2. 

i would’ve loved to have a home birth too! but i’m very sure 3 is enough, so i’d just enjoy other people’s birth stories. thanks!

Brave mummy & baby

Congrats, autumnbronze, for a smooth home delivery (no pun intended)!  Wow, can save on delivery and hospitalisation charges too!

Brave mummy and baby!

Now that you have 2 DSs, will you be trying for a princess next?

Kudos to you Autumn!!!!!!!!!

I am amazed to read your experience dear autumn… I wouldnt have ever dreamt of doing it…. reason being my threashold for pain is quite less and DH is more scared of these things I am sure he wouldnt have supported me even if I ever dreamt of doing it… so darling really kudos to you and moreover to your DH for supporting you all throughout…….I still wondered how did you manage all that????

Again salute to you and your family for supporting this….

Lots of Love



Wow 1.. Firstly, Chiefy.. Cuuuuttte picture u attached there! 😉

Wow 2.. Secondly, sista.. You and I share high threshold of pain. Similar thought process with regards to birthing too! I never went for any ante-natal classes at all. For all 3.. Firstly, timing not right, secondly save $..

Third, guess we didn’t think it was that important anyways. So all 3 births were instinctive and trial n error. Can liddat arh? Dunno, but made it anyhow lor. Terror anot? Then I realized that you broke all my records of off-site labour experiences n refusal of epidural by delivering bb all on your own. *salute* Some more can tahan another two hrs before gg hospital n not before making that pit-stop to drop sonny off first too! *faintz* All the time bb still attached to you via umbilical cord some more! *gasp* Am sure post sutures procedure would have cost u more pain since it was two hrs post birth. *faintz again*

Again like u, I was inclined to try out water birth after researching into the experiences of many moms from all over the world. Being a former competitive swimmer I have always wanted to try water birth.. found the idea very interesting.. must be a totally different experience huh? After weighing the costs n safety aspects of water birth, discussions with a close friend who was a staff nurse who had successful water birth.. plus a possibility of hubs fainting during the experience ( have you seen tt movie by J.Lo? – hilarious water birth scene! ) decided against it. Reading your account already gave me an adrenaline high! True experience of motherhood just like our moms during the old days yah? And survived thru it all as well.. which makes this experience all the more meaningful n of sentimental nature.. definitely priceless. *hugs* I can imagine u feeling extremely fulfilled.. Most frenz u get to know these days go for opt-in caesarian citing fear of pain. As my cousin said it best, "Why be a sucker to all those old mothers’ tale of experiencing true motherhood experience bringing a new life into the world when you can be sleeping, happy n painless thru out the birthing process? Then there’s the part where you some more get stitched up all the way to China.. I choose the pain free experience." With modern technology, delivery CAN come like the bb wrapped in cloth delivered by the stork huh? It’s a preference really and once again, salute you for gg against the odds. Very happy to know you’ve recovered n bb is finally home with more warm n wholesome care as compared to tt cold hospital. *more hugs* See ya soon, babe. 😉

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