A Positive Birth Experience – Part 1

This was a long awaited and much longed for baby.  After like 4 miscarriages, finally managed to sustain the pregnancy beyond 4 mths.

Only managed to breathe normally during gynae’s appts after surpassing the 6 mth mark. Prior to that, always prayed and hoped for the best but expected the worst. Now, told myself that if really water bag leak again, there is a chance for the baby to survive.

In the meantime, told DH that I was determined to have a positive, normal and WATER birth. This was v v impt to me cuz EVERYONE (my peers) I knew had a negative birth experience and even my mom predicted that I’d have a difficult birth cuz I was already in my thirties. I was not going to have that. He was like Yikes! "Are you sure, what on earth is a water birth?"

Got him and myself enrolled in a pte pre-natal class conducted by a doula. DH was skeptical at first about this, but he ended up looking forward to the classes at the end of the day Rolling Eyes Learnt the art of positive visualization to encourage a positive birth. Unfortunately, doula was going overseas during my due date so could not have a water-birth with her. I also did not want to engage someone that I was not familiar with at the last trimester of my pregnancy. So I signed up for pre-natal yoga instead.

So for the last 2 mths, got DH to perform perenial massage with oil because I wanted to avoid an episiotomy. Every night b4 going to bed would listen to soothing music and visualize a full head of hair crowning Very Happy

Was due on the 9th of August 07 but on the 2nd, woke up at 3 plus in the morn. Got up and when I stood up, my water bag burst. Wiped away the wetness and went abt packing my bag. Washed clothes in machine and dried them.

At about 5.30 in the morn, woke DH up, said I had something impt to tell him. He said ok and went back to sleep. Woke him up 15 mins later and told him that it was urgent. When he woke up and I told him about my water bag bursting, he asked, "Is this a drill?" I didn’t know whether to Fainted or Crying or Very sad.

Can’t remember what time the contractions started. Didn’t want to go to the hospital cuz I knew they would strap me down and won’t let me walk. Went to the bathroom to take a shower. Didn’t want to come out. DH calmly shaving. Then he asked me if I wanted milo. I snapped at him that it was already 10 plus in the morn and since 5 plus, he has been doing his own things (actually, it was his own way of coping with his wife in labour Laughing).

By then contractions getting frequent. Could not sit or lie down. Could only walk and everytime contractions reached its peak, I would have to put my hands agst the wall and bend my knees. But I followed thru with the breathing and did not resist the contractions.

By 11 plus, DH was getting nervous, contractions were frequent and I was reluctant to go to the hospital. For some strange reason, I wanted to deliver in the shower and asked him to call gynae at NUH and asked her abt it. That was the last straw for him. In his most stern voice, he said "we’er going to the hospital NOW." I complied and off we went.

Had to kneel doggy style at the back of the car as sitting was painful. Contractions getting v v fast and frequent. When arrived at the hospital (DH had called b4 leaving), someone came out with a wheelchair which I refused. They insisted and I retorted back, "you don’t want to argue with a woman in active labour!" So I walked all the way to the ward, pausing many times to put my hands on the wall and go along with the contractions when it reached its peak. Got a lot of stares, didn’t care. So stylo somemore, I chose to wear my yoga pants and blouse Laughing

Finally reached ward, settled in, nurse checked and said was almost fully dilated. This was at 12 noon. True enough, they strapped me down and didn’t want to let me walk anymore. DH had to force them to let me drink milo as I was tired. Couldn’t even relax in the water tub as time to push soon.

DH had refused to face towards my legs and cut the cord but relented when baby was crowning (can’t stand the sight of the blood lah). True enough, it was a full head of hair. By 2pm, I had delivered. Took me 2 hours since the time I checked in. Gynae/Obs reprimanded me nicely for coming in so late. But she was v v pleased with the easy birth.

It was the most happiest day of my life (besides meeting DH and marrying him of course). I had kept that personal promise to myself. I had had a positive birth experience Very Happy


Is this a Drill??!!

Hi AB,

hahahaha…AB i was like seriously laughing at your DH’s comment..

You are the first person I know who has done a Water birth. Remember reading about it years back at my gynae’s clinic.

so are we getting the second installation soon?

Very brave story KUDOS!

Very brave story


I still remember my own

I still remember my own experience with my eldest boy, I was about 6 months+ pregnant and had encountered contractions but thought it was the normal tummy upset which i kept applying "ru yi" oil and I was alone at home. 

Suddenly I kept noticing on the wall clock whenever I have the pain, as it was getting shorter I started asking myself ‘hey could it be the contraction"; then I decided to called the hospital before I could even finished my sentence the midwife said " your baby is coming out ANYTIME! u want to give birth at home! come to the hospital now!" 

But that didn’t scared me I called my husband letting him know my condition+what the midwife said he asked me "so now how? you want to go hospital or you call me back as I have a few more delivery to go" think I waited for another 15 mins I asked my husband to fetch me as the pain was unbearable.

The moment I reached the labour ward the mid wife immediately pushed me to the labour room after taking some reading, and the doc told us that our baby could be a pre-matured baby thus he needed to give me 2 injection with a 12hrs interval + hospitalised but were lucky that I managed to stay till full term before he was due for c-section



Hats off to you! I had one

Hats off to you!

I had one miscarriage, cried for a week.  can’t imagine 4!  However, I’m now a proud mum of 3.  🙂  all natural birth without any painkillers.  I used the ommm yoga chanting/breathing method and it really helped.  all 3 sucessful pregancies were smooth and birthing were easy. 

加油!will hear about your #2 by end of this year!

You are one strong and

You are one strong and determined mother, kudos to your courage in carrying out your birth plan, notwithstanding the earlier miscarriages.  Your sharing has been an eye-opener, wished I had read up as much as you about doula and all before my two pregnancies.  Thankfully for the second one, I also did a lot visualizations… think it really helped.

Try visualization for a second successful pregnancy – best of luck!


Hi Mathsparks,

I want to go on record to say that, it was always at the back of my mind that I may have to go thru a C-sec if the need arose, during my pregnancy. 

But I always told myself that really what matters most was the process of it and not just the end result ie that whether C-sec or natural, the important thing was to stay focus and be positive.  And, most importantly, be aware of the choices you have/can make, the repercussions etc.. As they say, knowledge is power.  So I made sure I read up on both natural delivery as well as C-sec just so to arm myself with information.  I also wrote up a birth plan and included some ‘conditions’ (can’t think of a more subtle word) in the event if a C-sec was necessary,  and discussed with my obs/gynae abt it.  I ate healthily, kept myself fit.  Truth be told, I was more fit carrying my DS than now.  Did not suffer from heartburn, water retention, could climb stairs w/o panting etc…  All this because of the STATE of my mind

Btw, some of my peers who had a ‘negative’ experience had gone thru natural delivery.  And when they spoke to me abt it, I just concluded personally to myself that it was mostly due to lack of knowledge, did not try to be active during pregnancy, chose the wrong gynae/obs etc.. And I don’t say this condescendingly.  In fact, it was a learning experience for me and it taught me to be more savvy in what to look out for, what quests to ask my gynae etc.. Likewise, I also know of others who went thru a C-sec and it turned out to be a positive experience for them.

Just my own humble personal opinion



you are a strong and brave

you are a strong and brave women. congrats!

Hey Schweppes

Thanks Schweppes,

There’s one thing I learnt from my many lessons in life is that when you want something bad, don’t give up no matter how hard it is to achieve it.  Only when you have exhausted all possible means, then its time to take stock and review ….



Thanks mathsparks

Thanks mathsparks,

Coping with my loss is another story to tell another time lah.  The funny thing is that when I had those miscarriages, there was no one I could speak to abt it.  Its like nobody wanted to speak or hear abt it, just don’t know why.  One of my closest galfrds had one to and I didn’t know abt it until I asked her how her pregnancy was progressing.

Well, I’ve had 2 more miscarriages aft DS and I am STILL trying, don’t want/refuse to give up.  So lets see what happens …..



 ... way to go... handled

 … way to go… handled it very calmly 😉

Hats off to you, Autumnbronze

Hey Autumnbronze, I really admire your tenacity, determination and strength. Well Done! 


Hats Off to you, Autumnbronze!

You’re truly an inspiration to all mummies-to-be out there who struggle to hang on to their pregnancies. I’ve had 2 miscarriages – 1  before each of my child. Its difficult coping after each loss and I wonder how you managed to.

I’ve often read about long, scary labours, all those stitches, recovery woes and wonder how it feels like. Reading yours made me glad, all over again, that I didn’t have to go thru that. Thank GOD! But, you’re really a determined, brave woman to go through that!

Both of mine were in a horizontal (not breech) position, and though the gynae tried to shift them, they just refused to co-operate. Maybe they know mummy can’t take the pain of natural birth. A CS delivery is painful as well, esp the first, which can affect your chances of breastfeeding successfully unless you’re very determined!





Hi buds

Hi buds,

Well, it is said that the second time around is alot more faster rite 

Yup, had to be brave, when you want something soooooo bad, you’d do ALMOST anything to have it (I say almost cuz I don’t condone kidnapping etc …) you know what I mean lah 



Thank you Muffins

Thank  you Muffins!

Yes, I felt worse than bad, I felt terrible actually 

And yes, It felt absolutely fantastic after having the baby, spot on Muffins! 

These experiences have made me realize that it is a privilege as well as a blessing to be able to have a child – just my humble opinion



Autumnbronze, it must have

Autumnbronze, it must have felt really bad after all those miscarriages, finally able to have a baby must feel fantastic! 😀 Kudos to you!

Bravo Autumnbronze!!

Fast & Furious

Heyya autumnbronze, i’d do a fast and furious ANYTIME rather than be strapped down too! I kena during DD1’s time and learnt my lesson. I hated the "fiddling" at every half an hour prior to the actual birthing. I didn’t take epidural for both DDs, much to the shock of the obs and attendees. I didn’t want it what with the brouhaha from many around me with regards to epidural. And hey, I survived. Still alive and kickin’ in fact. If i had to go through it all over again.. (PRAY NOT THO), i would rather do it within the hour after reaching the delivery suite ala DD2 pattern as compared to an extremely tiring 13 hour labour with DD1.

Way to go, autumnbronze! 4 miscarriages and yet still so brave through it all. *salute*



Its during times like these that I am glad to be a man..

Cant image how painful it is to give birth.

A salute to all you women out there….


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