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A short explanation on more complex grammar

For some children who read a lot and can pick up the grammar subconsciously, grammar will seem easy for them. However for many children, while they may be able to understand the easier grammar items, they have difficulty in understanding the more complex ones.

Here is a short explanation on the difference between the past perfect tense and past tense.The past perfect tense is used mainly when there are 2 actions and one action happened before another action.

– I had brushed (past perfect tense) my teeth before I went (past tense) to bed.

The ‘brushing of teeth’ has to be finished before the ‘going to bed’

Hence while both actions happened in the past, the action that happened earlier in the past is in the past perfect tense.

For present perfect tense and present tense, the present perfect tense is used to indicate that the action started in the past but is still continuing or has just been completed.

– I have lived here for many years. (started living from a time in the past but still continuing till today)

– I have just gotten back from Grandmother’s house. (action started in the past but has just been completed)

For present tense, it is used to indicate an action that is happening presently or habitually.

– I swim everyday (habit)

For gerunds, it sounds complicated, but it is just a noun that has the ‘ing’ form in it.

– Swimming (gerund) is my hobby – ‘Swimming’ is the name of your hobby.

A gerund is a specific type of noun phrase with the verb changing to ‘ing’ form). A gerund is not a verb.

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Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for sharing 🙂

Thanks for good info.

Thanks for good info.

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Great info, thanks.

Great info, thanks.

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No problem:) Glad to be of help.


tks for sharing

tks for sharing

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