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A Solid Foundation Is The Best Start In Life

The Kiasu Parent’s First Priority- Immunity
Every parent has gone through vexing periods of a child being ill- sleepless nights monitoring the temperature, heartaches from the incessant crying, stress building from the loss of appetite.

These are the instances where the implications and importance of immunity become glaringly apparent.

What Is Immunity?
Immunity is the body’s form of defence against infection, disease or foreign bacteria. All babies are born with innate immunity but this is more often that not, insufficient.

Parents often seek out the latest and most comprehensive vaccinations because they know there are other aspects of immunity that they can cover. Aside from this typical slew of vaccinations, diet has become the other key focus of parents who seek to boost their child’s immunity.

What Helps Immunity?
A balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables is one of the golden mantras parents keep in order to bolster their child’s immunity with the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients. This may all be well and good, but the other (often-overlooked) aspect of immunity lies within the gut.

Prebiotics that are abundantly found in breast milk are non-digestible food components that stimulate the growth and activity of good bacteria in the child’s digestive system that in turn protects him against bad bacteria. This gives him the added boost for a healthy gut that is able to best absorb nutrition.

Not All Prebiotics Are The Same

So, when it comes to prebiotics your baby deserves only the best.
Most prebiotics come from carbohydrate fibres called oligosaccharides. Clinical studies have, however, proven the benefits of a 90% GOS (Galacto-Oligosaccharides) and 10% IcFOS (Long-chain Fructo-Oligosaccharides) prebiotic blend.

What Is Immunofortis?
Immunofortis is a clinically proven prebiotic blend (GOS & IcFOS), Zinc and Iron that supports a child’s natural defences.

Recognised by doctors and scientists in more than 33 countries around the world, Mamil Gold with Immunofortis is trusted by parents all over the world and is well-published in international medical journals.

Why Be Kiasu With Mamil Gold?
As a parent, there are many worries that keep you up at night- some are inevitable while some can be avoided.

Mamil Gold believes that an awesome growing and learning process begins with the most fundamental – good immunity. The value of health is immeasurable and even more apparent as you see your young child begin to explore the world.

All parents want the best for their kid and this may mean the need to be a little kiasu; Mamil Gold not only provides your child with the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals but also gives him the clinically proven prebiotic blend- so that your child will always have a solid foundation for his best start in life.

Kiasu finishes first.

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