A trip to Singapore Mushroom Farm

Have been reading some articles on the benefits of mushrooms & started introduce more mushrooms to our diet. Finally arranged a day to make a trip down to our local mushroom farm. Below is a short review from my DD.


One Saturday, my mum decided to bring us to a mushroom farm at Jalan Kayu. My brother & I actually went there before, which was organised by our Childcare Centre. This is the 1st time my parents went there.

When we reached there, we saw many houses where mushrooms are grown inside. A very friendly uncle guided us to some of the houses to let us see how the mushrooms grow. When we stepped into the house, oh, it’s so cold.  Guess how cold is it. It is 15°C.

I saw Shitake mushrooms, Oyster mushrooms & Willow mushrooms. I even saw some LingZhi mushrooms.

After the fun tour, we went to their retail shop & bought many mushrooms home.


Here are some photos.

 Mushroom farm

 Mushroom houses

 Special manufactured logs (no chemical or pesticide added) for mushroom to grow

 Shitake mushrooms. Note that the white “fur” is actually an indication for their freshness.

 2 types of Oyster mushrooms

 Willow mushroom

 LingZhi mushroom

 Mushrooms that we bought.

For more detail pls visit their website www.mycofarm.com.sg

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