BIRTHDAY SOUP (AKA ABC SOUP – angmokio, bawang & c(k)entang or izzit carrots Wink )

2 carrots
2 large potatos (use the Indonesian version which is harder) halved.
1 large red onion
1 tomato (optional)
1 chicken carcass (or other bones)
Water (the right amount comes with practice. Generally, rule of thumb is in measuring using the bowls you’re serving the soup in X # of people. Add 2-3 bowls extra – to factor in evaporation during cooking process)
* Make sure your pot has enough space at the top coz there’d be half an hour of brisk boiling. We don’t want the soup to spill over.

1. Bring the water to boil
2. Rinse the defrosted carcass or bones, drip dry (DO NOT CLEAN).
3. Add bones.
4. Add vegetables,
5. Bring water to brisk boil, turn gas stove to half. Boil for half hour.
6. Now, you can put the stove to a small boil (3 on a scale of 10) for it to simmer for another 1.5 hours. Alternatively, if you have a vacuum pot, time to transfer for cooking till time to serve.

Bon Apetit!


Hahaha! how cute!

Hahaha! how cute!


wow lots of veggies. definately will try

thank you

Thanks all, got to buy the

Thanks all, got to buy the ingredients and going to try out this soup with my kids next week.

ABC soup is tao suan

 To us, abc soup refers to tau suan. In our desperate attempts to get our then very young sonny to try different food, instead of telling him tau suan, we told him that’s abc soup. To this day, he still likes his abc soup with you tiao.


Can do..

You are welcome to do it even when i’m

around. I could always use the break &

wait to be served instead.


Its so simple to cook.. I

Its so simple to cook.. I will try it out on my own when buds not around.

Thanks for the recipe.


my mum-in-law also likes to

my mum-in-law also likes to cook this soup. it is delicious!

I will certainly try it with

I will certainly try it with the new thermal pot i bought! Thanks for the recipe!


this is the 1st soup that I learnt to cook! Hee…and I prefer using chicken bones compare with pork ribs because the tast is sweeter and clearer. This is one of the soup I will cook every week for my children.

Coincidentally, I just

Coincidentally, I just cooked this last week after not cooking it for the longest time! I usually cook it using the slow cooker on the stove. After putting all the ingredients and bringing it to boil again, I will transfer it to slow cooker into the electric slow cooker container and let it simmer. Delicious! 


Most versatile soup

To make this soup a one dish meal, I add boiled pasta with some sweet corn and celery.  Sometimes I serve it with garlic toast as a light lunch.

You can trim the fats and

You can trim the fats and clean them the same way you clean the drumsticks (at least I do.)  Just a thought!

Thanks for sharing the

Thanks for sharing the recipe! 🙂

I like to add pork ribs we

I like to add pork ribs

we like to add pork ribs.  very easy, wash the pork ribs and use hot water to scald it to further get rid of the impurities (including a little oil) and then put into the soup and boil.  We all love the taste!

usually i will blend ikan

usually i will blend ikan bilis into powder and use it as a soup base instead of using chicken. More calcium, but cant leave overnight as it will have a fishy smell.

i usually add chincken

i usually add chincken drumstick and cook for about 15 min at the end. makes the soup sweeter and can cook the chicken easily too 🙂

ask u har, if use the chicken carcass which is uncleaned, won’t it be dirty? i understand its so that wil not lose the sweet taste. but isn’t it not clean?


this is my kids' favourite

this is my kids’ favourite soup….it tastes so good…

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