All About Kids’ Eyesight

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Hi parents, I’d like to inspire other parents in my experience on myopia control journey with my child. My child inherited my bad genes and is 600 degrees with 300 astig at 8 years old today. I knew I must do something about it to help my child since I had a retinal tear due to my high power 5 years ago.

The first step I thought will be glasses correction. Did a google search and found out about myopia control eyeglasses where these lenses help to control the eye power from increasing. What I found was this is the first line of treatment. Went to an optical place and my child started off with 250 degrees and 150 astig age 5. We monitor for another 6-9 months and there was still an increase, to about 350 degrees 175 astig. That was a tell for me to look for alternative in maintaining my child’s eye power.

I went for a few consultations with eye doctors in Mt. E and was told to treat myopia progression with atropine eye drops. This eyedrop helped in maintaining the eye power. Without further ado, we proceeded. My child started off with 375 degree with 175 astig at the point of treatment, unfortunately an increase of 25 degree in that short time frame.. Each consultation was 6 months apart and if there is an increase in eye power, the concentration of the atropine must be increased and monitored for the next 6 months. We followed the instructions and applied the eyedrops daily for 12 months, at that time, it was increased to 575 degrees with 250 astig.

I decided to stop atropine and look for another alternative since it does not seem to be helping.. I was told that a special lens called orthok that corrects the vision while sleeping. Again, with nothing to lose attitude, since the other two options were not that successful so to speak, we go ahead and proceed with special lens. The initial process was tough where not a lot of people are doing these lenses with such a high power at around 575 degree and 250 astig. I was well referred to an orthok specialist in harbourfront centre for the special lens. Even though the place was not a clinic, but I was impressed with the knowledge and equipments they had and I was assured that my child was well taken care of. Anyway, my child was quite a fighter when putting on the lenses because of the discomfort he experienced initially, and we eventually went through it. The process seemed seamless as the specialist speaks to the heart of the child. Till date, with the review to monitor the eye power progression every quarterly, he had been wearing the same pair of orthok lens for nearly a year and the eye power was still maintained.

This was my thought:
In the last 24 months or so, I have learnt a lot as a parent as well. It helps me to keep open minded and be open for different strategies in helping the child. I thought of “what if” I have brought my child to see the specialist earlier? Probably it may not have to increase until 600 degrees. But in regardless, the eye power has been maintained in the last 12 months and that was all I could ask for. After the full correction has been made, I can see that it helps in empowering the child’s confidence and development. On top of it, I would also like to give the specialist a credit as he managed to give my child the correction in just one attempt as my child was a high power case. This is considered very skilful because other places that I consult before were not confident in correcting such a high power or in a try. I also realize the myopia control journey isn’t easy and communication is definitely a key in the last 12 months, I hope to inspire some of the parents here in helping your own child as well.