All About Mum’s Comfort Bolster

A short sharing by my son…

All About Mum’s Comfort Bolster

Mum had this bolster with her since her teenage days, I think. It was specially sewn by Grandma on an old-fashioned sewing machine. She then stuffed some cotton wool into it. A simple piece of cotton floral cloth was used to sew the cover. A very simple bolster, it appears ,but very comfortable and special as it reminds Mum of Grandmother’s tender loving care towards her.

The bolster has flattened over the years by Mum’s nightly hugs and squeezes and Grandmother would replace the cotton wool every now and then and she would change the cotton cover too.

Mum will sleep with it every night. I suspect it has her salivas and tears on it when she cries herself to sleep during sad days. That’s why my sister and I comment that it stinks. But to Mum, it is the smell of love.

It has never left her side except when she goes on holidays or camps. Mum would take it along if it can be squeezed into the luggage. Alas, it is no soft toy and cannot be done. However, Mum brought it along with her to her new house after she got married to Dad. Grandmother even tailored a new cover for her for that special occasion!

The bolster is really flat now but it is still very cozy and comfortable. The sewing machine is no longer working and Grandmother is getting old. Replacing the cotton wool and the cover may not be possible now. Mum is still clinging on to it no matter how smelly and tattered it is.

The bolster will always hold a special place in Mum’s heart as it is a symbol of Grandmother’s love for Mum, her precious child. Mum wishes that she can leave something for my sister and me, the way Grandmother does it for her.

This Comes Right at the Time

This Comes Right at the Time My Maid Lost My Gal’s Comfort Bolster after washing it. She Forgot to collect it and could not locate it 2 days later.

My Gal is Really Upset as she has it since her Baby Days. Being Angry with My Maid does Not Help the Matter. I’ve been cracking my Brains for Days on How to Solve this in the Best Way.

Reading your Article, it has given Me an Idea. I’ll Sew One for My Gal. Think that will be a Good replacement for Her. For She Always Like to share My Comforter, coz she says it has Mummy’s Smell ….

Actually Both My Boys, in their Teens now, Still cherish the Flatten Little Floral Baby Pillow Case (made from an Old Floral Dress of Mine Long Ago) I Sew for them when they r Babies. Now it’s a timely reminder for me to Make up for this Over-sight for my Gal.

Thanks for Posting this Article ….


I have one too

CSC, your son’s composition made my day today.

i am new to this website but I am so happy to have read this composition today. It’s so beautifully written.

Perhaps, I can relate to it because I have one too. I brought it everywhere I go and I cannot sleep when it’s not around.

When I met with an accident overseas and had to come home for treatment, I only brought two things home because i couldn’t carry them. You will have guessed that one of them is my "noi noi", my bolster and the other of cos my passport.

But two years ago, I threw it away because I was pregnant and my sis told me it’s not healthy for something like that to be lying around. After all, it’s almost 27 years old by then.

I still remembered the night I threw it away. I dumped it in the dustbin. Few hours later I was crying on the bed, with my hubby comforting me and asking me if I want to retrieve it. But I say it’s ok.

Till today I think of it every now and then and always remind my hubby and daughter that when I die, I want the bolster case (which I kept) to be buried with me.

"Noi noi" is not that much an item I kept to remind me of my mum but it has become my security item and my best friend. Like your son is right, it contains my tears and saliva!

Ahh…I am really so happy to have read this composition this morning. If I can grade this compo, it’s 100%!

Fantastic write-up!

csc, I’ve no idea how old your son is when he wrote it, but the story speaks volumes of his maturity and sensitivity in thoughts.  The subtlety by which the message is driven home is a mastery that even adults have trouble acquiring.  You have a budding  creative writer there, csc!

The current blanket I use was made for me in 1990 by my mother.  She somehow knows the exact material that I love, and it has kept me warm and comforted for the past 19 years, and I hope, for many more years to come.  Each time I wrap myself in it, I feel like I’m back in her loving care once again.

Phew! So relieved to know

Phew! So relieved to know mine is not the smelliest!

This reminds of my Sister's baby bolster

I remembered my younger sis has one baby bolster which my mom made when she’s young…she loves it so much till now left the bolster’s cover (w/o the cotton) and with holes on it..she still clinging on it  !!!!!  (old even to be mother her own liao)

I used to have one when I

I used to have one when I was young, but actually don’t really allow my kids to own one. Afraid they may be too rely on it that they even need to bring along when go holiday.

With his permission

yeah… a short write-up by my son for his teacher last year… he was required to write something about grandparents’ treasures and i gave him the idea about the bolster and told him the story behind it.

While packing his files, I stumbled upon it and decided to post it – with his permission – and for memory sake….


csc, this sharing written by your son for composition is that it…

cos i just realised the remark …’short sharing by my son’..


I have one too!

Nice reminiscence, csc.

I have one too.. 


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