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Foundation is very important. We started early on leveling up Chinese Language. Religiously using 四五快读 and attending Berries (from nursery to K1) plus reading many Chinese Stories Books. By the time DC1 went to P1, his standard of Chinese is equivalent to P3. As for DC2, I was ashamed that I did not give as much effort as compared to DC1 then. So at P1 onwards, DC2 and myself need to work very hard together. Both went Wang Laoshi at K2.

Again…..I have to repeat this…..Foundation is very important. IMO, one cannot improve Chinese Language overnight. It is a long process. Perseverance.

WLC is great! The center helps to put me, the mum, hard at Chinese. Not the kids. :laugh: There is a certain structure in WLC which I like. Every week, parents must endorsed the Oral worksheet to indicate that the child has read the Oral at least 3 times a week. Teachers will call the parents if child is not listening in class, not scoring 听写 above 80%. Somehow I feel that Teacher is complaining that mum is not doing her part at home. :laugh: Keep me grounded as well.

We attended the 3 hrs of WLC. If one cannot completes the compo in class, the child needs to stay back in class. Compo must be done and completed in the class. Initially is tough. But as time goes by, the child will get the hands of it and composition writing will be completed within the slated time. I see it as a necessity to start at an early age to cultivate a habit.

By beginning of P5, I make sure my child should already be consistently scoring between 32-35 for compo. There are certain rubrics to follow. Chen老师 (in this forum) has very good advice on that aspect.

FYI, I hate Chinese as a child. But I make sure the kids don’t sees it as such. I motivate them further. I make sure they love it and takes it as a Challenge to overcome a difficult subject. Constantly praise them for a good completed work. Constantly motivates them further.

听写 is alot on top of school 听写 as well. So we section the list into 5 days of work. So every day learn 听写. Everyday read the Oral. Alternate day, read comprehension passage and compo. All within 30mins.

Slowly but surely, learning 听写 will be a breeze. Writing compo is no longer dragful. Reading daily is such an easy task as compared to doing written papers. Soon 30 mins become 20mins only.

1 month before Oral Exam, both my child and myself will set a daily reminder on our HP. Everyday at 8pm, we will start Oral practice. I will throw any topic from the WLC material.

Because Chinese syllabus was changed, we can only do 2019 onwards. No more papers to do by then.

On the advice of Chen老师, we did 阅读理解(一),完成对话,阅读理解(二)A组 and B组 from 2017 and 2018 papers only.

With no more practice papers to do by P6 SA1, we went on to buy 2 assessment books and completed them within a month. Of course my child must agreed to it.

1. PSLE 1001华文 语文应用 / PSLE Chinese 1001 Questions On Language And Usage … and-usage/

2. 攻克 PSLE 华文 语文应用 / Conquer PSLE Chinese Language and Usage … e-yoobook/

Look at the number of worksheets (67+90) and determine how to finish it. We target to complete by 1 month. So we do 8 worksheets everyday. 8 Worksheets is not alot. All MCQ only. Only do for weekdays. Weekend is a rest day. No learning. Just rest and relax.

Coming to PSLE, WLC has 10 lessons of PSLE Intensive Class which is online. Each lesson is 2 hrs covers P1 and P2. P1 which is Compo, just do reading. P2 is really practice online. Personally I like it and my DC also likes it. Each lesson is only $10. What can one ask for.

We did not throw away the completed P4 and P5 Past year papers. We keep it to revise even for PSLE. If the piles are too big, just tear the section where the mistakes are and compiled into a notebook.

Wed 06/10/2021