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Animal Fun for Little Ones

All kids loves animals.  Zoobooks, the encyclopedia of animals, is the all-in-one, everything-you-wanted-to-know-but-didn’t-know-who-to-ask guide to the world’s most fascinating animals, birds, reptiles, and insects.  

Zoobooks magazines are skillfully designed to enhance your child’s learning potential through words, pictures, and interactive activities. Parents and teachers trust Zoobooks to educate kids… strengthening their vocabulary and reading habits. Kids just think the magazines are cool!

Each issue captures one of 60 different animals through magnificent photography, illustrations and descriptions and includes inter-active activity pages.

Zootles Magazine for Kids 2-6

No time to go to Singapore Zoo, just click here to go to virtual zoo.  Go to the educators section and you will find tools to educate your children everything about animals.  Please feel free to use the material in any responsible, educative manner. All materials are copyright Wildlife Education Ltd. so you may not redistribute them for profit.

Get your child excited to learn with a host of Zoobooks products. DVDs, posters, board books, animal books and more!

If you like to take advantage of the Exclusive Offer – For a limited time, get a 9-month subscription to Zoobooks Magazine! Turn a child’s love of animals into a love of reading!


Thank you, lifestylelinks!

I can’t wait to go home and share it with my gals… I’m sure they’ll love it!

After all, even at the zoo, you don’t get to hear the sounds of all the animals.. so this is a great additional tool..


Just what I needed. Thanks

Just what I needed. Thanks for the Dino link =]

Good recommendation,

Good recommendation, lifestylink! I like it! Thx for sharing…   

Thanks for sharing the virtual zoo

Great, now that even if we got no time to go down to the spore zoo, we can go to the virtual zoo with our kids at home! 

How about something like this for dinosaurs?

My boy is into dinosaurs recently =]

Thks for the link. My kids

Thks for the link. My kids especially my DS loves animals. He can talk non stop about animals!

Yup, my kids love

Yup, my kids love animals… thanks for the link !:)


Thanks for this, lifestylelink!

We can always count on you

for great scouts! Kudos! 


Thank you

Thank you for sharing this wonderful info.  DS LOVES animals and we do rely on Animal Planet for variety other than the books on animals.  This would be our virtual exploration for this weekend.

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