Apex Webinar Series for Smart Parents

Apex Webinar Series for Smart Parents

Smart parents plan ahead, not just for their kids, but for themselves as well. They plan for sufficient resources for their own retirement, so as to minimise any financial burden on their children. They also give clear directives to ease critical decision making in unfortunate events that threaten their lives. We owe it to our loved ones to have our affairs sorted while we are capable, according to what we will like, and to take charge of our retirement today.

Join the Apex webinar series to learn how to get started. Let Apex unravel for you in layman terms, the intricacies of the various schemes and terms you need to know.

Apex Private Wealth Management is a group of advisor representatives representing PIAS, specialising in providing customised solutions for clients.  

APEX runs by a client-centric philosophy and believes that every client deserves not just the best advice, but also the most ideal advisory experience, giving each client his unique Financial plan from its wide range of products and services. 

Every APEX advisor has been thoroughly trained on all aspects of financial planning. Working with Apex allows you to tap onto its expertise, from investments to retirement planning. 

As well as advising on wealth management strategies, Apex also conducts public and corporate educational seminars on a whole array of wealth and financial matters. It has conducted over 300 seminars and corporate talks yearly, with the aim to spread financial planning knowledge. Popular topics include Retirement Planning, Investment Portfolio Construction, Market Outlook, Risk Management Strategies, Estate planning etc.