Are Children Ready for The Future of Work?

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An estimate of 800 million jobs today will be replaced with automation by 2030

McKinsey Global Institute

Conventional education is more focused on basic foundational literacy skills. It lacks expertise that will be required by employers in the future. This essentially means that traditional education system alone is not sufficient to create employable workforce.

Future Ready Academy

Parents need to find a way to narrow the skills gaps that exist and prepare the kids to be ready for the future of work.

According to World Economic Forum, 65% of children entering grade school will work in jobs that do not exist today.  

 “The World Economic Forum identified the deeper learning competencies and character traits called 21st Century Skills that they believed is crucial and indispensable.”

3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Automation and many new technologies are already present in our daily lives.

The technology-driven world in which we live is a world filled with promise but also challenges. Cars that drive themselves, machines that read X-rays, and algorithms that respond to customer-service inquiries are all manifestations of powerful new forms of automation. Yet even as these technologies increase productivity and improve our lives, their use will substitute for some work activities humans currently perform. The results reveal a rich mosaic of potential shifts in occupations in the years ahead, with important implications for workforce skills and wages. Our key finding is that while there may be enough work to maintain full employment to 2030 under most scenarios, the transitions will be very challenging – McKinsey Global Institute.

It is essential to prepare children for the technological disruption and equip them with the 21st Century Skills and Competencies so they can realize their potential and stay relevant in the future of work.

Future Ready Academy


Future Ready Academy is an education center that delivers 21st Century Competencies in an immersive way to enrich children to survive the digital revolution and thrive in the digital world. They offer programs that develops 21st Century Skills like Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration using robotics and coding as a platform. Through their programs, they aim to inculcate character traits like Grit, Adaptability and Leadership.

Watch one of their past events “Coding Across Generations” where parents and kids have fun learningcoding together!

Future Ready Academy follows a very unique pedagogy where children experiment, explore and discover and foster learning through PLAY.

Future Ready Academy offers regular term programs, holiday camps and weekend workshops on robotics and coding. For more information, visit their website to know more about the ongoing initiatives and events.

– Holiday Camps –

The Holiday Camps at Future Ready Academy are a perfect way to pique your child’s curiosity and interest and introduce them to the fundamentals of robotics & coding.

Dates: 26th November to 22nd December
Program Duration: 3 or 5 Days
Duration: 3 hours per day

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– Regular Term Programs –

Regular Term Programs at Future Ready Academy provides in-depth learning that inculcates 21st Century Skills through problem-based and team-based learning projects that inspires confidence and foster communication and collaboration skills in addition to sharpening computational thinking and creativity. Regular programs are split into 4 levels! Levels are categorized according to age groups.

Program Duration: 10 weekly sessions per term
Duration: 2 hours per session

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Future Ready Academy

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