Ask These Questions If Your Child Says He/She is Bored in Class

I am sure parents have encountered children saying that school is boring and they don’t feel like studying. As we know, ineffective parents will simply scold them and make the problems worst. Well, the fact is that there are many boring teachers and boring subjects in the world. Even I, as a Study Grandmaster agree to it as I have encountered many teachers who simply talk and talk, paying no attention in spicing up the class. Learning to make a boring situation more interesting is important for your child’s learning environment. It’s also a valuable skill for real life.

Here are some questions to ask your child:

Are you up to date on your studying and your homework?

Students who don’t have the basic foundation for what the teacher is saying are bound to be bored.

Do you sometimes not pay attention?

This question is less intimidating than “Do you pay attention?” Students have responsibility for their own learning, and paying attention to the teacher is a first step.

How are you doing in the class?

It’s easier for a teen to say “I’m bored” than “I just don’t understand chemistry.” If your teen’s grades aren’t what they need to be, you may need to get extra help like getting a home tutor.

Do you participate when you have a chance?

Encourage your teen to look for ways to play an active role in what goes on in class. Tell them the benefits and boost their self-esteem.

Do you ask questions?

Asking questions demands thinking. Encourage your child to jot down questions that she thinks of during the class. Talk about them with her and encourage her to ask at least one question to the teacher.

Do you take notes and write personal examples when the teacher lectures?

Taking notes while the teacher is talking will increase a student’s involvement in the class. These tips won’t turn every class into an exciting adventure. But they will help your teen’s boredom turn to involvement.

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I was just wondering, what's

I was just wondering, what’s the name of the theme you’re using on your site? I really like it!

Agree with watmekiasu. I

Agree with watmekiasu. I also do not believe in teaching ahead. Unfortunately, one has to be a little careful with this. I found out the hard way when my kid’s teacher rushed through the topic just before the exam and I had no time to teach the kid when he had some concepts wrong. Ultimately, there needs to be a balance.


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Yes, I believe teachers play a major role in spicing up the class


I agree with above comment

I agree with above comment that  many of our preschoolers are too well-prepared acedemically before P1 that whatever is being taught in class, poses no challenge to them. Hence, the boredom and inattentiveness. My dd went through that stage. Hence, I make it a point not to touch any of dd’s textbooks and leave them for the teacher to cover. Instead, we’ll just go through some assesment books.

My 9 year old niece, who is

My 9 year old niece, who is now living in UK, says she is bored in school, because her Daddy already taught her everything at home !

In Singapore, kids who go to too many enrichment classes will probably find school boring, because they already know everything that the teacher is teaching.

Another important factor, which I encountered when I was a student in the top girl’s school in Singapore and especially in university, is that the teacher is very boring ! It is a fact that there are teachers who do not have the passion for teaching, and their ways of teaching is extremely boring.

I will train my kids to tolerate “boredom”. Even as working adults, we have to tolerate countless boring meetings, and we still have to pretend to be very interested during the meetings. I will teach my kids that “boredom” is something that they must learn to live with !

It could also because the

It could also because the kids find the class not challenging.

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