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Attention, Parents, Singapore’s Education Landscape is Changing

”Intelligence plus character – that is the true goal of education.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Education landscape is evolving. These days, the fact that – education is not just about learning how to make a living but it is also about learning how to live – is gradually surfacing.

Parents always strive to provide our children with the best, be it their daily essentials, overall well-being and development, and especially education. While working towards these, we often fall into the trap of societal pressure of what we think is best for them, in many instances, RESULTS.

We often see parents signing up their children at a branded or popular tuition center because many of their friends’ kids have done so and they do not want their kids to ‘lose out’. We often hear parents talking about ‘dreams’ of having their children successfully made it to the Gifted Programme in Primary 4. Such rat race can end up frustrating for both parents and children, and for some, even disappointment when their children do not perform up to a certain expectation, especially after investing so much in all the extra lessons.

While there is nothing wrong to drive our kids to achieve flying colours, it is important for parents not to lose sight of the forest for the trees by emphasizing too much on their children’s academic performance and neglecting their holistic development.

There are possibly many factors that can hinder a child’s full potential to excel in school. When they do not, it does not predetermine the fact that the child is not capable of doing so. Factors include  focus skill, learning motivation, emotion management, attentive listening skill and so on. All these can have an impact on his or her academic performance.

Lately, our government has been sharing plans on implementing tweaks to the local education system, with the objective of going towards a more holistic development of our future pillars of strength – our children, who will grow up to be potential leaders of the nation. Skills such as leadership, teamwork, verbal intelligence have surfaced as being more important than before for them to excel in both academic and social life. Let’s have a look at some of the changes in our education landscape:

  • In the past, we only had the option of ‘O’ Levels after PSLE. The IP was a key outcome of the upper-secondary and junior-college education review initiated in April 2002 that aimed to foster greater diversity and flexibility in the system in order to accommodate the varying interests and abilities of students.


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  • In a Straits Times article reported on 26th Sep 2013, a big push was to be implemented to nurture all-round students. “Schools will have to go beyond equipping students for examinations and prepare them for life… To deal with the demands of a VUCA – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous – environment, good grades in school are not enough. In fact, they might not even be relevant.” Education Minister Heng Swee Keat said in his speech as he spelt out new initiatives to make the shift happen.
  • The new landscape calls for the Education system to nurture our children holistically and includes developing their social skills, communication skills, leadership, perseverance, ability to handle and learn from mistakes, etc. Education Minister Heng Swee Keat is confident that Singapore’s education system will stand young Singaporeans in good stead: “In the coming years, our students will be better able to empathize, to communicate, to imagine, and these qualities will prepare them better for the future.”


  • It is no longer a surprise that secondary schools take into account only the student’s academic grades for entry. These days, they take into account their PSLE grades together with their character and leadership skills via the DSA route. This has already been a selection criteria in top schools and universities such as Harvard.   

So, you see, parents, indeed the education landscape has already started changing years ago and these changes are becoming more distinct as of late. If we don’t prepare our children NOW, then when?

People Impact is the market leader in providing intelligence training and life-skills development for children from 3 to 12-year-old. In creating a curriculum for children in Asia, People Impact has invested over US$4 million in Research and Development, inviting leading professors from Harvard, MIT, Michigan University, Washington University and University of Hong Kong. Upholding the belief that scientifically proven education can better our children and future, together, they led a team of educators from both Western and Oriental cultures to develop the core of all People Impact programs.

People Impact’s programme touches on:

IQ – creativity, logic, linguistics and memory skills.

EQ – leadership, time management and coping skills.

AQ – develop strong critical thinking and reasoning powers to face the daily challenges and learn how to complete tasks productively. People who can think out of the box with multiple solutions will be a strong asset in future.

Our 3Q-Pro approach is a powerful and essential tool used to allow parents and trainers to understand the child’s behavioral performance before knowing how to bring the maximum potential out from the child.

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Let’s embrace the changes with an open mind. 

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