Aureus Academy Summer Camp 2016

By popular demand…

Aureus Academy Summer Camp is back in session this summer!

As the best place for your child to learn a musical instrument in Singapore, Aureus Academy hosts a series of music camps filled with fun activities and informative classes taught by our highly qualified teachers! It is a great opportunity for new students to encounter an instrument of choice, or for students who are already taking music lessons, it is a great chance to broaden their musical knowledge, enrich their experience by learning with their peers, and have lots of fun! 

Here are what makes Aureus Camps extra fun!
-State-of-the art facilities:
Located in Forum the Shopping Mall on Orchard Road, Aureus Academy boasts sixteen studios plus a state-of-the-art concert hall, where various classes and activities will be held during the camp. Each studio is fully equipped with brand-new instruments, music stands, comfortable chairs and studying desks. The bright and friendly interior features colorful patterns and fun musical characters that our students love!

-Several qualified teachers on site: Each day will feature several of our very qualified and experienced teachers who will work with each student very closely, making sure that no student is left out and that everyone is getting a fair turn on all activities! Needless to say, all lessons taught will be top-class.

-Tons of fun activities and wide variety of music classes: Aureus camp boasts several small and large group activities, filled with interactive musical activities such as:

*An Instrument a Day: Each student gets to choose an instrument to try out and learn for the day. Choose from our wide variety of instrument collection including piano, clarinet, cello, ukulele, guitar, trumpet, violin, voice and electric drums!

*Masterclass & Professional Coaching: Students are given a platform to perform solo in front of a group of peers and receive feedback and training from some of our best teachers. They will also learn about stage etiquette and on-stage know-hows, taught by teachers with extensive performing experiences.

*Kodaly and Orff: Some of the best-known and well-recognized pedagogical methods, our Kodaly & Orff specialists engage students with a fun session with rhythm, beats, percussion instruments and plenty of music in motion!

Testimonials: See what our parents have to say about our camps!
“My two sons attended the Spring camp at Aureus with their friends and they loved it! They were able to try new instruments, learn from talented and inspirational teachers play and have lots of fun! Thanks Aureus team” – Sarah B., mother of two boys taking guitar and piano lessons at Aureus

“My gals, Entinne and Esabelle (6 and 4 years old) loved the Spring Camp! They especially enjoyed the Instrument a Day segment where they tried the cello and guitar, and requested to sign up for lessons after the camp.  The camp is great for children to broaden their knowledge of musical instruments and has a very fun vibe to it.  My gals made new friends after the camp!”- Michelle O., mother of two girls taking piano and vocal lessons at Aureus.

Watch the videos to find out more about Aureus Academy Summer Camp life.

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Details at a Glance
Location: Forum the Shopping Mall, B1-01/04 Singapore 238884
Dates: 13th-17th June, 21st-23rd June, 4th-8th July (Inclusive)
1 Day- $160.50 (GST Inc.)
2 Day- $294.25 (GST Inc.)
3 Day- $427.00 (GST Inc.)

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