Aureus Academy Winter Music Camp 2015

During the month of December, Aureus Academy will be holding several multi-day programmes in which students will receive individual and group lessons on their instruments, classes to sharpen their musical knowledge, performance opportunities, and a chance to work in a collaborative setting with other fellow musicians. Other highlights include daily performances and master classes presented by Aureus teachers.

All activities will take place at our newly opening Flagship location at Forum the Shopping Mall, which features a 70-seat recital hall and 16 state-of-the-art studios!

Lunch and snacks will be provided by Aureus Academy everyday!

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14-18th December
21-23rd December

Forum the Shopping Mall
583 Orchard Road B1-01/04 & B1-18
Singapore 238884

Activity I: An Instrument-A-Day

  • Overview: Students are exposed to the various instrument families and are given the chance to try their hand at a new instrument! If your child is already taking lessons, this is a perfect opportunity to expose them to other instruments!
  • Level: Beginner and Intermediate
  • Instruments Available: Piano, Violin, Guitar, Voice, Cello, Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, and Ukulele
  • Minimum Age: 4+
  • Learning Objective: To increase familiarity with the instrument families of the orchestra creating both an aural and visual ability to identify the instruments of the orchestra. Students will also be taught how to properly hold certain instruments such as the violin.

Activity II: Master Class

  • Overview: Students are given a platform to perform solo in front of a group of 2-3 peers, followed by a master class. Other students are asked to analyze performances and provide feedback in order to develop their critical listening abilities. Students will also be taught correct performance etiquette and even learn how to properly bow in front of an audience!
  • Level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced sessions provided.
  • Age Groups: 4-5, 6-8, 8+
  • Learning Objective: To give every student and opportunity to perform in the Recital Hall. All students will be coached to develop their ability to perform either in front of their peers and in a public setting

Activity III: Musical Building Blocks (Theory)

  • Overview: One of the most fundamental elements of learning music is to be able to understand how music works! Students will be introduced to the basic building blocks of music ranging from rhythm, pitch, performance direction, and other musical jargons!
  • Level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Minimum Age: 4+
  • Learning Objective: To further develop abilities to read and recognize notation, intervals and overall musical awareness. Students will be taught using visual and aural tools to help develop their understanding of music theory.

Activity IV: Performance

  • Overview: At the end of each day, students will be given an opportuntity to perform in front of their new found friends and parents. If a student has no musical background, they will be paired into a group to perform in an ensemble setting! Students with a previous musical background are encouraged to prepare a solo piece to perform at the end of the day concert.
  • Level: Beginner and Intermediate Sessions
  • Minimum Age: 4+
  • Learning Objective: To build confidence in each student by giving them the opportunity to perform either as a soloist or in a group performance.

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