Baking Fun @ Bakerzin

It is so sad to know that Bakerzin has no longer providing baking workshop for kids. My DD loves doing her bakery there.
As I dun have oven at home, we are unable to bake cake at home. As DD loves to eat cakes, I’m wondering how’s her interest in baking a cake. Happened to know that Bakerzin has kid baking workshop so I enrolled her for a try. She went for her 1st bakery class on May 2009.
As this is the 1st lesson, she received a chef hat & apron before the start of the class. After wearing the apron & hat, she went to wash her hands.
Was watching her outside the classroom wondering how she was going to handle those flour, eggs, butter, etc… To my surprise, she picked up the skill pretty well. With the instructor’s help, she was able to do these.
After the workshop, she received a photo, a certificate, a recipe & of course her creation. She was having a fun day & this inspired her interest in baking. She went for another 8 lessons & last year dec was the last time we went. She baked a Gingerbread house for Christmas.

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