Baking with your kids

I have been baking cupcakes with my kids since my younger boy was 3 years old.

Both my boy(5) and girl(6) are now able to make cupcakes entirely on their own. They measure the flour, sugar, sift the flour, crack the eggs, etc. I only have to help them to turn on the mixer and put the cupcakes into the oven.

I let the kids each bake 10 cupcakes each, so that each of them can go through the entire process. My kids love to eat the cupcakes and frosting very much.

Cupcake Recipe:
Butter 150g
Caster Sugar 150g
Self Raising Flour 180g
3 eggs
50 ml milk
1/2 tsp vanilla extract (optional)

Cream butter and sugar together till light and fluffy before beating in eggs, one at a time. Fold in half the sifted flour, add milk and vanilla and then fold in the remaining flour. Put into the oven (150 degree Celsius) bake until golden brown.

Chocolate frosting (enough for 2 or 3 cupcakes) :
Butter (25 grams)
Icing sugar (2 big spoons)
Hershey’s chocolate powder (2 big spoons)
Milk (2 big spoons)

Wait for the butter to soften. Then put butter, sugar, chocolate powder in a big bowl and mix with a big spoon, slowly add the milk until it becomes smooth and creamy.



Hi Tamarind, Thanks for the

Hi Tamarind,

Thanks for the storage tips and tips on frosting!  I’ll try that next time.

Hi 2blurcats, We need to

Hi 2blurcats,
We need to control the amount of liquid to be added to the mixture, add very slowly while mixing, and stop when we get the right consistency.

I always make only enough frosting for 2 cupcakes which my kids can finish at one go. The next day, when the kids want to eat the cupcakes, we will make fresh frosting.

We usually bake about 23 cupcakes at one go, because my boy bake one batch, and my girl bake another batch so that they can both go through the same process. I put all the cupcakes in ziploc bags and store them in the fridge for up to 3 or 4 days, just microwave for 20 seconds when we want to eat.

RRMummy, Hee, my stomach


Hee, my stomach cannot store 10 cuppies at one go!  I made my first batch from the gatronomy site yesterday – very yummy, yielded 10 cuppies, and had to invite neighbours for tea so they can help me finish them!  And I’ve still got 2 left in my tupperware!  If you’re staying anywhere near me, I wouldn’t mind inviting you!  🙂


In our stomach...;p

hi 2blurcats, sorry I kaypoh.. but my immediate thought was to store your yummy cupcakes in our stomachs! 

Tell me if you need more space, me and my gals would love to volunteer.. 

Tamarind, HELP! I just made



I just made the cupcakes, but used the strawberry frosting from the last website you posted.  The buttercream seemed a bit soft and especially in our tropical climate, it turns really soft so I found it difficult to eat the cupcake.  Is yours like that?

Also, another silly question….   how do we store cupcakes in our climate?  Need to keep in fridge?

Wow, the sites are real

Wow, the sites are real gems!  🙂

Thanks!  Hope to be making these little cuppies soon!

Hi 2blurcats,

You can try this website.

Or use my frosting recipe above, just omit the chocolate powder and replace with icing sugar instead. Sift the icing sugar so that the frosting is not lumpy. Add the milk very slowly until you get the right consistency.

You can add a small teaspoon vanilla extract to make vanilla frosting.

Use fresh strawberries to make pink strawberry frosting :

Hi Tamarind, This recipe

Hi Tamarind,

This recipe looks simple and yummy – I shall try it!

Do you know of any good and reliable sites where i can find nice frosting recipes?   Don’t want to make chocolate cos dd is very "heaty" now and chocolate will make it worse 🙂

sunflower, You are

You are absolutely correct about the things that kids can learn from baking ! For a very young child, scooping flour and sugar without spilling anything, or even cracking eggs are not easy skills to master. So baking also helps to develop kids’ fine motor skills.

Wow! The cupcakes look

Wow! The cupcakes look yummy! Pity I don’t have an oven. I think it’s good to do cooking activities like baking with children. Serves as bonding time and children also learn Maths (such as measurement, quantity etc), art (such as designing a cake) etc. Children will also have a sense of achievement when they see their own product and eat it! 🙂

Hi amylqf,

I have not used the toaster oven to bake cakes before. I think the traditional oven will be better.

Mhh, looks yummy!

Thanks, tamrind, for your recipe!

I don’t have traditional oven. Is toaster oven able to do the same?

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