Besta vs. Creative chinese e-dictionary

This is an update of the product review.

As you know, MOE only allows two model of chinese e-dictionaries to bring into exam hall, Besta and Creative.

I just checked today:
for both besta and creative, net price, no discount, not even for popular card member.

besta: $49.90, promotion price: $39.90
creative: $32

After comparing both, most of the feature are the same, except:
creative: squarish, only black color casing, bigger screen, cheaper, less vocab, no feature in stroke.
besta: rounded & slimmer, colorful casing(silver, pink,blue), smaller screen, more exp, more vocab, showing the stroke, fast imput phases (like chengyu)

Because of the stroke feature, I paid more for besta as sometimes I tends to argue about the stroke with my dd (she is in p1). It is kind of faster way to check rather than boot up the pc and check online.

For those kids in upper primary, might not need to chose besta if they had already know their stroke and use mainly for exam purpose.

Hope my research can benefit others in selecting the e-dictionary.

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