Beyond PSLE

There is more to our children’s academic journey beyonf Primary school and PSLE. Here are the sharing of our veteran parents on their experiences preparing and  guiding their children in their academic life and in helping them plan for their future beyond PSLE.

Good Read !

Informative and helpful.

It's a new start after PSLE

It’s a new start after PSLE

good milestone

psle is a major milestone, but not the only one.  so think far.

Which website I can download the testpapers

BTW,I wish to know which website can I download the Free 2014 P6 Top School Examination papers



Educational Tours for Parents and Children

 Dear Kiasu Parents,

I am a parent of two children from top schools, namely, RGS and Hwa Chong. Their PSLE scores were 280 and 263 respectively.

Yet, I have chosen to take the road less trodden.

I have taken them out of the Singapore school system and I am now established and beneftting from the Toronto system. You can do the same too.

If you are interested to find out more and subsequently to engage me to help you through the process, please email me at

I can also coordinate and organize tours for interested parents to familiarise themselves with the living and educational environment here. 

Look forward to be the one-stop provider of your children’s educational needs in Toronto.

Happy 2012,




Higher Mother Language at P5

 Hi! I am a P5 now and I were to decide if I were to continue taking HMT after 5 years. My overall marks are: CL->78 HCL->49. The marks in order to continue taking HMT in P6 are having 80 and above for Chinese and 50 and above of HMT. I was recommended to take Chinese by my teacher but my mum insisted me to continue HMT as she said that Chinese is very important. Should I continue HMT? Please give advice. Thks!

DSA Portfolio Sample

How timely! Was just thinking what is this portfolio about and how should we do one.

Thank you for sharing although this is not the type we need but at least we have some idea about what was required.

Appreciate some other parents who had prepared portfolio for Visual Arts before to share yours too. TIA.


P6 Top School Examination Paper 2010


I wish to know which website can I download the Free 2010 P6 Top School Examination papers




btw, can someone tell me what are the top scores of choa chu kang pri sch 2009 psle ?

my child now psle so what

my child now psle so what kind of books we buy and study i dont know any thing plese help me




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