Birthday Parties

So how do you celebrate the birthday of a two year old?

If you invite your friends and their kids and have a buffet, its for you, not for the kid.  I took the easy way out and spare myself the considerations of the venue and list of invitees.  I decide to just celebrate his birthday at his childcare center.  Even with that there are a bunch of things to consider.

The requirements for our childcare are to bring a cake enough for 50 children and enough baby gifts to distribute to his toddler class mates.

Our solution is:

  • Order 3 kg cake from Bengawan Solo. Looks good and taste good.  Set back about $110 bucks.
  • Get party packs from Concourse.  Each pack supplemented with stickers cost about $1.50 x 20pax = $30 ( * Concourse has since closed. )

Total cost: $140.

Look of my little boy’s face when he saw the cake and the candles – Well worth the price.

Seeing him learn the joys of giving as he pass the little gifts to his friends – Priceless.

Other tips:

Get the cake shop to deliver to the cake. 3 kg is not that easy to bring around.

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We have really affordable and high quality helium balloons! We also have this new product that attaches flowers to our balloon bouquets for a more modern party look!

anyone knows where to get

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Gym Parties

A Friend of mine recently trew her kid’s birthday Party at a New gymnastics place called The Yard. It’s a new facility only been open a couple of weeks and it’s amazing! The best I have seen in Singapore. There were 30 of them at the party and they had so much fun it was impossible to get them to leave.

They cater for any age-group whether experienced or not and they will put together a bespoke package that caters for the particular party.

Get in touch at



enrichment class parties

anyone tried those e.g. art classes birthday parties before?

Goodie bags

Usually I will put a piece of stationary plus some biscuits or snack. Not too many sweets which are no good for the kids

School parties

As a teacher who has celebrated countless types of birthdays in my class (big cakes, little cakes, 3D cakes, no cake), as long as there is cream, it IS going to be messy!
I love that Bengawan Solo has cakes with prints of my kids’ favourite cartoons. All I do is order the cake, deliver it to my kids’ school and let the teachers celebrate for my kid(s) at their convenience (no need to worry about acting awkward or unwelcome). My husband and I leave the best celebrations for with the family.

Wow! It must be an

Wow! It must be an awesome birthday!! ^^

Balloons & Cake

Nice!  Bengawan Solo pandan caker is absolute favourite among our family, though it is a far cry from the beautiful 3D cakes available nowadays, I still prefer to buy cake that taste better!

Recently my friend was recommending that I DIY helium balloons ourselves by renting mini helium tank and inflating at child centre. Apparently there is promo now and is super cheap to DIY and great way to surprise the kids. 

I think below is their link:

sounds fun

sounds fun

goodie bag

I learnt to diy my kiddos goodie bags as well. And let the kiddos ownself pack themselves.

I usually buy cakes there but

I usually buy cakes there but they are all sold out. 🙁


Does anyone know which cakes are the best in sg?

Outing for Birthday

Personally, my kid likes me to bring him out on an outing to a place he likes i.e. Singapore Zoo, Science Centre for his birthday! He doesn’t really like cake that much though…

cake vs cupcake

as a parent, it is cheaper to buy cake for party but some of my friends who are teachers tell me that they prefer parents to bring cupcakes to class parties as they are less hassle.

even at home parties, it is always easier…i wish that bengawan solo had cupcake options too

goodie bags

i think goodie bags are cheaper self made though

good ideas

so many ideas put up by you guys.  well done!

however my boys don’t really like big parties.  not sure why.  a simple family dinner and a cake has been our “party” for them.  and they love it.


goodies bag

i normally pack my own goodies with customize sticker with my daugther’s classmates name on it……

Don’t really like those ready pack. I like it with special touch.

so i make each sticker with name so kids can use it for there waterbottle or books.

Kids Parties

Hi everyone,

I do know what you mean when you say how inviting your friends and their kids for your kid's party feels like the party is for yourself instead. Because i felt that when i celebrated my kid's second birthday.

So last year i hired a kids party planning company to handle the kid's side of the party while i had an area in the same location for my friends. It was a hit.

I had time to entertain my guests while the kids side of the party was handled by the party planner. I used kidsplay events. They are slightly pricier than other planners but i think it's because they do customisation and hand-make their stuff. Only thing is they do not have a website, but you can look for them on facebook.

Hope this helps!

Red velvet cupcakes

Wow.i fell in love with red velvet cupcakes from lescupcakes.they r very delicious and with lots of creamy cheese.price is sis.ordered lots of mini red velvet cupcakes for her school children parties and her family gathering.yum!  

 50 kids,too many!!!

 50 kids,too many!!!

concourse party shops

 they shifted to middle road…cant rem the building name. but near waterloo st.

Cup cakes and gifts


Can anyone advise nice cupcakes? I need it for my boy’s birthday celebration.

Anyone aware of cheap n nice goodies, budget $1 -$1.50 each?

Thanks  a lot



V useful article, I esp

V useful article, I esp like all the links to cupcakes. I totally love cupcakes and do does my boy. Hubby too, so he bought me a cupcake recipe book. It’s fun and not too difficult! But I’m not v good with the icing. Never looks as nice as those in the pictures! But anyway make for own consumption is ok, not selling! My boy has so much fun helping me decorate them too.

50 kids?

Thats a lot of kids. Must have been a big cake

-thrift mom

last time concourse used to

last time concourse used to sell those goodie bag.
now I think all the shops move to china town, bugis, all over the place already.

Cheap stationary set..

Hi all,

If you are looking to buy cartoon stationary set to include in your kiddo’s birthday goodie bag, here’s the lobang. The shop (sorry can’t remember the name) is located behind the Swee Heng Cake Shop at Admiralty MRT station. It is a corner lot and also sells some fengshui stuff..

$0.90 – 1 ruler, 2 pencils,1 sharpener, 1 eraser. Characters available was – Barbie, Spiderman, Spongebob, etc..

ExplorerKid @ Downtown

Hi ttyh, mincy,

I recently held my DS1 party at ExplorerKid@ Downtown. $24.40 per kid is only if you are a member, otherwise it’s $28.10. (I’d personally advise signing up for membership since it’s a one-time fee of $8.50 till your kid turns 12, and $5.50 if you are a NTUC member.) For more information, check out

It’s great fun if you have a huge group. We invited about 20 kids and they were suitably pumped up running and checking out the playscape outside before being heralded back to the room for some indoor games, food and cake cutting.

But do book early. They only have a few time slots for 2 rooms (actually they have 3 but they don’t use the middle room in case they need to open it up for parties having more than 50 people). And the weekend slots are HOT!!

not too sure if it is for a

not too sure if it is for a private room but their website advertise their party package as $24.40 per child for min 15 children

Anybody know the price for

Anybody know the price for hosting a birthday party in explorer kids (downtown east) private room? Thanks

Excellent post. Thanks for

Excellent post. Thanks for the tips!  Since I don’t send my toddler to a child care centre, I’m inviting all her cousins of about the same age.  We’ll celebrate it as a big family.

wanted to buy costume hallowen party, theme occupation

I’m looking for costume for my son’s hallowen party urgently, theme is occupation, any recommendation where to buy the costume?

Goodie Bags for kids

Yah man, after the event, I realize that they sell those stuff at the shop house down stairs too. Concourse if about 20 cents cheaper but if you think about it I probably save 4 bucks by going all the way there. haha. 

Another way is to DIY. Buy candy and little toys or stationeries like crayons and color pencils and put them in goodie bags. My little boy never get to eat sweets and candies from birthday goodie bags though. His mummy help him finish them all because sweets and candies are not good for 2 year olds ;P .

One word of caution though. The toys from the goodie bags are really flimsy. The whistle fell apart the day he starts playing with it. The party blowers and mask suffers the same fate. So must play with adult supervision only.


Celebrating a toddler's birthday

Yup… great idea about celebrating it in the childcare.  In fact, it’s quite a common practice… if it’s your kid birthday you must give party bags to everyone in your group… or else your kid could face the wrath of every kid in town :).

The trick is to balance cost with "face".  Kids these days very smart… know the difference between expensive and cheap sweets.  So you have the spend some time looking for inexpensive but fun trinklets or toys.  Concourse as you suggested is indeed a good place, but there are others such as the shophouse at Marine Parade Promenade.

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