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Blocked List of Service Providers

The following are service providers who are blocked from  For these providers we will filter out public comments on their products or services, regardless of content. reserve the right the manage this list of services to be blocked on

Users are hereby informed that any post or comment they write relating to any of the companies below will be removed without notice.  The only place which users may be allowed to post or read about some of these companies will be in the Rants Forum, which requires users to be logged in and have at least 50 useful posts before they can access the Forum.  Please be mindful that users are fully responsible for what they post on  If you wish to give negative feedback about service providers, you will need to do so using your REAL NAME and fill up your NRIC in your Account Information which is not visible to the public.  Otherwise, we will remove your posts.

List of blocked companies/services:

  • Benjamin Maths
  • Concept Math
  • Domain of Experts (Banned for masquerading)
  • DomesticONE
  • Ed-Quest
  • Etonhouse
  • Gateway Tuition
  • Gifted Learners Student Care
  • i-Creative Writers
  • Innowits
  • ISun Education
  • J Carter Centre
  • Jardin Smith International (16 Jan 2017)
  • Mind Edge
  • My Tuition Place (Banned for spamming & soliciting)
  • Neumind
  • Nicklebee Tutors
  • Novel Learning Centre (28-Dec-2016)
  • Shalom Movers
  • Singapore Brain Development Centre
  • The Ballet & Music Company
  • Trust Tutors
  • Whitelodge


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