B.L.O.G , meaning I love you

There are so many ways to express our love for our kids. Daddy and Mummy choose to B.L.O.G about our experiences. Memories, whether nice or sad (酸甜苦辣) are there for a reason. We would like to time-capsule our chidren’s growth, and milestones. Maybe, when Daddy and Mummy have retired, we can look back at our Blog, and laugh ourselves silly 🙂

Daddy would like to share his experiences (6 months only haha) on setting up a blog.


  • why blog?
  • to keep friends and relatives updated on latest gossips
  • chronicle of life and challenges
  • to share our experiences and Fun with other parents


  • start small
  • once you get started, ideas will flow
  • get a decent Point&Shoot camera, for those candid moments
  • conceptualise your ideas into script, engage our kids to 自编自导自演.
  • use Picasa or Flickr to manage your photos
  • more importantly, have Fun !!

Substance and Sharing

  • no need to spend big $$ for outdoor fun, just spent more time with our kids
  • let their imagination roam, and you will be rewarded with their smiles
  • whatever they see,touch,feel,smell, Will become another topic of interest !!
  • share our parenting experiences, and places/topics of interest
  • we would like to relate our children’s experience through their pictures


  • blogging is a family project – everybody is involved
  • keep it spontaneous and Fun
  • if the kids are happy, it will be our motivation, to keep on blogging 
  • with the kids around, Daddy got so many things to Gossip
  • but we only have 24 hours a day


  • learn from other parents’ blogs
  • where to play, eat, holiday, learn etc (blogsearch.google.com)
  • inject new ideas and topics, example mimic TV ads
  • gather feedback and brickbats from friends

In summary, to blog about our lives and relive our memories, together as a Family.

Nothing is more Fulfilling for Daddy and Mummy at the moment.
Enjoy our children’s childhood, as they will grow up all too soon.

Remember B.L.O.G, remember "Boys LOve to Gossip"
Share our joy –> sengkangbabies.blogspot.com

PS.  An Ode to Children’s Day

We do not know what will happen next minute, next month or year.
But this Minute, this Second, we want to kiss them when they sleep.
Be with them.
Share their joys and sorrows.
Grow with them.
Darling sons and daughter, Mummy and Daddy love you.

Happy Children’s Day !!

if one day my wifey becomes

to lifestyle – if one day my wifey becomes sahm, we know where to look for tips 🙂

I always admire dads who

I always admire dads who play an active role in their kids’ lives.  Kudos.

yah, thought of teaching my

yah, thought of teaching my child typing and start up her own blog.

Boys LOve to Gossip

I like that B.L.O.G.  For a long time, I thought only girls gossip.  After knowing the KSP fathers, thats has changed.  Thanks for sharing, it was a pretty ode.

I had completely forgotten that 1 Oct is Children Day. My boss (now ex-boss) just retired, was so busy arranging his departure.  I only managed to spend an hour last night with my little boy at Compass Point.  No more goody bags.. no more balloon, no more magic show… sad.  But thanks to the uncle at the library, he still gets a little book mark designed with a birthday cake.

I only managed to get him a lantern last night……no wonder he was misbehaving….


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