Books for Toddlers

My wonderful, creative and active 21-month-old son absolutely adores books. Every night when we reach home, he will quickly walk into my room to take his books. We will sit together – he flips the pages while I read to him. This makes me extremely happy. It’s a good bonding time for us. 


The credit goes to the books as they are fun and very stimulating. (and me too! because I bought them. Ahem!) Choosing the age-appropriate books is very important. For young toddlers between 18 – 24 months of age, I feel that these books are quite suitable for them:


Touch and Feel books

These delightful books have objects with different textures on them for sensory exploration. Toddlers can learn through the sense of touch and make vital connections between words and pictures. Babies as young as 3 to 4 months can benefit from these books too. 


Wipe and Re-use books

These activity books usually come with markers, magnets or stickers on wipe-off pages. They encourage practice and creativity. Toddlers will learn the essential skills, i.e. numbers, alphabets, shapes, counting, sorting, sequences etc. They are colorful, interactive and fun. Practice makes perfect! 


Peek-a-boo books

This is my son’s all-time favorite. Inside the book, there are flaps that he must open to find out what is beneath it. Besides the element of surprise, it tunes up his fine motor skills as he turns the flaps. It also builds up memory as he turns the flap over and over again just to see the same object. 


Educational books

Another great book to stimulate the young minds with words and familiarization with concepts, objects, animals, activities etc. These books expand their vocabulary, improve words recognition and help them to understand simple themes. 


Searching for suitable books for your toddler is FUN. Personally, I’ll prefer board books because the pages are easy for the little hands to flip and they won’t tear easily. I will also choose short books as toddlers usually have short attention span. Last but not least, keep it simple and not too confusing for them. 


I absolutely love reading books with my son. I hope to instill in him the love of reading books that will last him a lifetime and which will bring him joy, wonder and knowledge.




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personally I like to book

personally I like to book that have multi function. not only can read, but also can play.

Books for Toddlers

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Searching for suitable books for toddlers are indeed fun, but may not be headache-free considering the vast varieties of titles available at not-so-affordable prices. It would be great that in your blog you can share with us the books that had succeeded in enticing your kid into reading to make the entry more personal instead of being a general review of the kinds of books available for children.

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