Bounce Inc activities during the school holidays

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I love shopping around Orchard as much as the next Mum, and as much as it’s nice to go alone, it’s always fun to take the kids. That said, their tolerance for shopping is, well, let’s just say, not the same as mine! So in order to break up the day, I need to allow the kids to burn off some energy, without destroying the stores!! If I’m able to get some “me-time”, that’s even better. Where along Orchard can I do that??


I’m pleased to have recently found BOUNCE Singapore. Located at level 9 of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, it’s just next to Mandarin Gallery, a few metres off Orchard Rd. 

Take the elevator to level 9, and once the doors opened, the energy levels rose. The kids’ eyes opened wide, along with their mouths, and all I could hear was “WOW”, as they ran off to get a closer look. BOUNCE is a 24,000 sq ft space, filled with different types of trampolines, a “Ninja Warrior”-style obstacle course (“X-Park”), coloured padding, a café, plenty of seating for parents, and it’s air conditioned!

I bought the kids a ticket, which gave them access to the entire park for an hour (sessions start on the hour), and whilst they went off to explore and play, I treated myself to a “Melbourne-style” coffee (latte), made with fresh Australian coffee beans that are air-flown in regularly.

The thing that really impressed me was the attitude and behaviour of the staff. They were all polite and importantly, engaged with the kids to ensure they were enjoying themselves, and keeping safe at the same time. There were staff in every area, so I felt comfortable that the kids were being well supervised while they played.

The kids tried everything around the park, and spent most time on the Big Bag – three lanes of trampolines that end up in a giant airbag, so they could try all their flips and turns in the air and land soft and safe. X-Park was also a favourite. A variety of obstacles in the course kept them entertained and challenged. Climbing walls, to cargo nets, to the “Spider Climb”, they were able to run, jump, climb and crawl, before taking a zip-line to the finish!

We didn’t have time on this occasion to try the “Leap of Faith”. A true test of courage, where you don a harness and helmet, get clipped in to a safety system, climb a tower, stand on a small platform 5m in the air, before leaping out to grab hold of a big yellow grab bag, finally being gently lowered to the ground! The kids can have that to themselves!

Anyway, a fun time was had by all, and there really is something for everyone – whether you’re participating or not! A terrific option to get the kids away from the TV these school holidays!!

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Mon 31/10/2016