Braces For Kids

My daughter has front protruding teeth. I noticed it since she was about P3 and sought dentist’s opinion about braces. Dentist’s reply was best to wait till she has all her permanent teeth all out first before doing her braces.

We waited and waited and her last permanent tooth actually only came out when she was about late Sec 2. By then when I got her to do, she refused coz she was preparing for her O Level Chinese exam (that includes oral). She told me has to wait till after she finished her O level.

Now, O Level is over and I brought her to an orthodontist (who only does braces and nothing else).

The cost:

  • first check up + 2 xrays = $282.00
  • to extract four teeth = $400 + GST (originally $800 but coz the dentist who is going to extract her teeth is in the same clinic/organisation as the orthodontist and therefore ‘discount’).
  • braces + retainer = $4,640 + GST (originally $5,800 but given me 20% discount coz referred by the orthodontist’s friend).

It’s very EXPENSIVE!!! but no choice lah, still have to do it. She is going for the extraction of 4 teeth together in mid Feb after CNY…

PS: I also don’t know why nowadays many kids need braces (my time seldom see people with braces…) Lucky my son’s teeth are so far so good and show no ‘symptoms’ of needing braces…else it will be another big hole in my pocket…)


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wow that is really costly.

wow that is really costly. Does that mean that it is better to get them to put on the braces from a young age? I use to have a classmate who put on one of those ugly braces with metal…and she was really self consious then..+ it cust the gums. I bet some kids did not want braces because of it. Seems now there are more options like clear braces  / invisible braces / Invisalign braces that don’t have the problem of the traditional metal braces.

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