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Breakfast with Outstanding Kids – Riding high

Cycling champion Maxz Ho makes a good start in his day
with a nutritious breakfast of Koko Krunch and iced Milo


Twelve-year-old Maxz Ho was exhilarated when he won his first individual championship race last year, in the Singapore Cyclone Race Criterium Kids C road racing series.

Maxz enjoys the teamwork in sports and has his own cycling team named Team Turtle, comprising his older brother and friends. His parents support his passion for cycling and participate in this activity by ensuring that the boys are safe and have sufficient water throughout their training. They even keep spare parts of the bicycles in case of breakdowns.

Maxz is also in his school’s swim team and is a First Poom Junior Black Belt in taekwondo. His mother, Mrs Annie Ho, says: “Regardless of what sports he’s training for, we support him wholeheartedly.”

Although he is committed to his sports activities, Maxz is careful to not let his grades slide. In fact, he is a maths whiz, topping the Primary 5 level in mathematics at Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School last year. He says: “Discovering interesting formulas, theories and facts give me a thrill when attempting to solve maths questions.”

Rounding it off, Maxz is also Pei Hwa’s head prefect. He says: “As the school head prefect, I have great responsibilities but I am a firm believer in leading by example, and treating my peers and schoolmates equally, regardless of status.”

Helping others is important to him too. Mrs Ho was especially pleased when Maxz had his first stint doing community work at the Thian Leng Old Folk’s Home, as part of his school’s community involvement programme. She says:”As parents, we have been encouraging Maxz and his two older brothers since young to serve as role models of academic excellence, exemplary leadership, good moral values and community service participation.”

Maxz’s ambition is to be a medical surgeon, but more importantly, he wants to help the needy in the community. He adds: “I enjoy doing community work and helping the old folks. Also, I got first-hand experience in understanding the lives of the old folks, as well as the joys and the hardships they are going through.”

With so many activities on top of his schoolwork, his parents support him by making sure he wakes up to a delicious and nutritious breakfast every day. Maxz loves chocolate, and Nestle’s Koko Krunch breakfast cereal with iced Milo is his favourite breakfast.

Maxz understands that breakfast is an important meal of the day. He says: “A nutritious breakfast helps to refuel my body and jump-starts my day. Whole grain cereals fill me up quickly and give me the energy to sustain me in my daily activities.”

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