Build your Child’s Foundation for Success

As parents and educators, we need to recognise that we now live in times where paper qualifications alone can no longer guarantee success. And this situation will only become more prominent as we move ahead in this technological age.

Now the question then becomes: What would we need to impart to our children to help them succeed and excel in life?

The answer is…We need to give them lifelong abilities that can help them take on life’s challenges and overcome obstacles to reach their full potential.

A shift in mindset needs to happen now.

We need to take a long-term perspective towards our children’s success. We need to look beyond the scores for this week’s spelling test or this year’s exams and extend that vision to our child’s success beyond the classroom and academics.

Of course, learning how to solve problem sums and remembering grammar rules are still important for school. But, what’s even more critical is building the child’s ability to truly be able to problem-solve, come up with solutions, analyse different situations, grasp and make sense of their environment.

These key abilities are called cognitive skills and they are fundamental brain processes that enable each of us to process, receive, retain, judge and analyse incoming and outgoing information.

Giving our children these key abilities will not only make them a more engaged learner in their school years but also build a strong foundation for their future success; because life is not just made up of maths problem sums but real-life problems.

It is time to take action today. Look beyond grades, Invest in our children’s future NOW!



Article contributed by ThinkersBox – A Cognitive Development Specialist

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