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The school holidays are here once again. It’s time to hit the great outdoors for our kids to experience some fresh air and special activities. Camping by the beach is one of them. Sharing some tried and tested tips on Camping. I am no expert in camping, but thought I would just share some tips from years of experience in camping during the school holidays or over long weekends with our two boys.
Always buy a tent that is much bigger than the number of family members you have. Eg, do not buy a 4-men tent just because there are only 4 of you in the family. Buy a tent that is so-called at least 2 size bigger.
We made this mistake of buying a 4-men tent for our very first camping session but we forgot the fact that when we retire for the night, it’s not just the 4 of us sleeping inside the tent, but also our belongings and such, so a 4-men tent for a family of 4 would become quite cramp after all the rest of the things are stuffed inside. A 6 or 8-men tent would be a much better idea.
Secondly, don’t forget that our kids grow, so eg a 4-men tent might be good for a family with 2 kids below the ages of 10 or so, but it soon becomes too cramp for a family with 2 teenagers, so my advice is to buy the biggest tent that one can afford, so to say, the bigger the tent, the better. Ventilation wise, a bigger tent would be much better as compared to a smaller tent too.
Get the kids involved in pitching up the tents. It’s a great experience for them and they enjoy it too!
Food, Water and Snacks
Bring plenty of water, snacks and tidbits and instant food like breads and buns etc as the nearest convenience store may be some distance away. Canned food to make sandwiches etc.
Camping Ground
Locate a good spot as near to the public toilets as possible for convenience. Pitch tents at grassy areas. Lay groundsheets below the tent. This is to give extra ‘cushion’ as well as to make cleaning up easier. It is definitely easier to wash groundsheets than to wash the tents especially for HDB dwellers.

Keeping the Mosquitoes/Insects Out

Before laying the groundsheets, spray insecticide on the area to kill all the creepy crawlies first. Certainly don’t want them to be invading the camp when we sleep at night.

As an added precaution, I would spray insectide around the perimeter of the groundsheets/tent after pitching up the tent, again to ensure that no creepy crawlies enter the tent.

After the tent is set up, I would stick anti-mosquito patches at selected spots on the tent, on the outside to prevent unwanted visitors at night.

Positioning of the Tent Door
Position the tent in such a way that the door faces the sea and not inland. This is for security and privacy reasons to ensure that nobody looks into the tent as they walk past and also not to give people a chance to go inside to steal things if they see an empty tent with things inside.
However, if you have two tents, do not pitch them side by side with the both doors overlooking the sea. Pitch them with the two doors facing each other with a groundsheet in between the two tents to facilitate movement between the two tents easier. If you have two tents for a family of 4, assign one adult and one child in one tent, not both kids together in one tent, again for security reason.
When you and your family members have to leave the tent unattended
Of course, do not leave your tent unattended at any one time, but in the event that you have to, turn on the radio at full blast, leave it inside the tent and zip up the door/windows to give the impression that the tent is occupied. 
At Night
Bring everything with you into the tent when you retire at night, yes, shoes included. Put all shoes into plastic bags and keep them inside the tent.
Two reasons for doing this. We don’t want other people to know how many people are camping inside the tents at night and second reason is that we don’t want our shoes to go missing while we sleep, do we?
Keep the Tent Zipped up at all times when it is unoccupied
Zip up the netted door/window of the tent at all times to prevent things from being stolen, insects and mosquitoes from ‘camping’ inside while the tent is vacant.
Bring games to entertain the kids. Kids somehow find an ordinary game of UNO more fun if played inside the tent than on the table at home! 
What to bring
1) Picnic tables, ground sheets, hammocks etc.
2) Extra clothes for the kids. Which kid can resist the tempting sea and sand? Towels and dried towels serve as pillows at night too. Bring sandcastle building stuff for younger kids too.
3) Plenty of plastic bags for soiled clothes, groundsheet etc for the day after.
4) Plenty of water as the nearest convenience store may be quite some distance away.
5) Torch lights/paper fans etc. If you have those rechargeable lamps and fans, charge them up fully and bring them along too. The tent can be very stuffy at night.
6) Simple first aid items like plaster, and assorted creams for insect bites, cuts etc.
7) Plenty of tissue paper/paper rolls and wet wipes. You never know when you would need them.
8) Personal toiletries including toilet paper in case the toilet paper runs out in the public toilets.
9) Some “S” hooks. Some tents allow things to be hung on the ‘ceiling’, so having “S” hooks would allow some light stuff to be hung on the ‘ceiling’ to free up tent space.
To make the camping trip more interesting
Have a BBQ with family and friends the night of the camping if possible to add to the fun and excitement for the kids. In fact, if you can persuade your friends’ families to camp with you, it is definitely more fun for the kids and adults alike than just your family camping by yourselves.    Kids can play games with one another, while adults can chit chat into the wee hours of the night to catch up with one another.
Camping Permits
Camping permits are compulsory nowadays. Go to National Parks website for more details.
The day after the Camp
Camping may be fun, but unfortunately most of us cannot have a proper night’s rest in the Tent due to the stuffiness inside the Tent at night or the wee hours chit chats into the night, so make sure that the day after a camp is not a school or working day to ensure proper rest. The only thing you want to do once you step back into the comforts of home is not to wash your soiled clothes, but to have a shower and then off to bed on your comfortable bed to catch up on lost sleep.
Hope my tips help. Have fun in the free Great Outdoors that our tiny island offers! 
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Hi Momokosan Believe you

Hi Momokosan

Believe you are a student if I did not read you wrongly in the DHS thread.  You are most welcome.  Glad you found the tips useful and yes, camping is a great time for bonding sessions, be it between parents and kids or among friends or between students and teachers.

Why not plan a camping trip with your friends and teachers for the next hols? 






maid to 3 men and a dog … 

Camping Tips

I love camping too. It is a very good time for bonding between friends and teachers. Thanks so much for your detailed camping tips. I will remember to bring the items you had mentioned in your posted article.

You are most welcome

You are most welcome EdenWirth.  Hope the article gave you some useful tips for your next camping trip.


maid to 3 men and a dog … 


I don’t normally comment on blogs but your post was a real call to action. Thank you for a great read, I will be sure to bookmark your site and check in now and again. Cheers

Trouble yes and no, I would

Trouble yes and no, I would say it is very subjective.  To me, not troublesome at all as long as the whole family enjoys it and the kids have fun.  Camping is also a very good time for bonding with the kids.


maid to 3 men and a dog … 

Thanks for your great

Thanks for your great advice.

After I saw you blog, I do not have the appetite to camp as there are so many things to bring. troublesome?

Thanks buds hubs.  I did

Thanks buds hubs.  I did think of those shops that sell camping stuff too, but I think shall stick to the odourless insectide for the time being and it’s not like as if we are going camping anytime soon.

Thanks again for the suggestion.



maid to 3 men and a dog … 



The last time I bought sulphur powder was quite sometime ago from a Chinese Medicine Hall.. Dunno whether you can still get it there. Apparently sulphur powder can also be used for skin treatments such as white spots..

Another place where I’ve tried was one of those camping shops in Changi Village where you get last minute camping stuff such as wire mesh, charcoal etc..


Glad that you had a great

Glad that you had a great time at Marina Barrage.  In the end, did you manage to get the kites from SKP?  Got photos to show or not?  If yes, go and post them in the kite thread for us to drool over! 

You bet, sleeping on a hammock with the gentle sea breeze blowing in the face is a great luxury!   Wow, lazing on a hammock in Hawaii …. drool somemore!    

I think give East Coast a few more days.  I trust our authorities since we are pretty strict about health and safety issues. If they say that East Coast is okay, I am sure it is and will be okay. 

Goodness me, who says West Coast has nothing to offer?  There is a super big playground with all sorts of things for kids of all ages!  My boys love the gigantic spider web there.  They had so much fun climbing on the spider web, all the way to the top.   I once brought my elder boy and his classmates there to do a project and all of them, boys and girls alike, enjoyed themselves so much there that they were reluctant to go home after that!  Mind you, we are talking about a group of teenagers, not kids!  

No experience with water play at West Coast though as most our times spent there were spent at the huge and vast playground.

Tell your DH that camping in Singapore is super safe, we cannot ask for more, but as in everything else, commonsense prevails, so it will be a safe and enjoyable activity for all.

Oh, so you have a DD taking PSLE this year. Good luck!  Yes, I know what you mean about the holidays been burnt by extra lessons and what nots.  Been there, done that! 

Sorry, no advice on Chek Jawa.  Only been there once in my whole life, nothing interesting in Pulau Ubin if you ask me.  I think camping and kite flying is more fun for us!

maid to 3 men and a dog … 

Hi 25, Did have a great

Hi 25,

Did have a great time 🙂 .  Beautiful kites, the kids had a great time. Was quite informative too.

Never slept in a hammock – the few times i had an oppurtunity to, i had the kids wriggling in. To have a siesta in one,is one of those little pleasures in life – me on a hammock  in hawai :-). Never mind will postpone that to another time when the kids are old enough let me be.

Dunno after the oil spill, willEast coast be OK? I mean the kids really go all in the water, so i am thinking its not a right time now. West Coast may be a better bet,  but not much to do there …

Also trying to convince DH for the camping,  he is not sure it is "safe". sigh!

With DD having PSLE this year, and all those classes in Jun, we are not going anywhere out of Spore. Have to think of exciting stuff in Singapore , wanted to go Chek Jawa. If u’ve been there and done that, do post a blog about it . Not much to offer u other than  for all the free consultant role


LKVM, have you tried

LKVM, have you tried camping before?  If you have not, what are you waiting for?  But must your younger child is a bit too young to go camping, so looks like you may have to wait a while more.


maid to 3 men and a dog … 

Very Nice

Very nice written maid!! kudos to you.. and u have covered almost all the requirements!!

Hi HappyAvon You are most

Hi HappyAvon

You are most welcome.  Glad that my tips came in time and useful for you.  Yes, do re-consider your DD’s request.  Camping is really a very good experience for the kids and great for parent/child bonding too.

No doubt, you won’t be able to sleep peacefully in the tent at night due to the noise outside, or the stuffiness inside the tent, but trust me, the one sleepless night is worth it, since it is a great experience for your DD.  See it from the point of view from your girl.  Like what I said, just make sure you get enough rest when you come home the next day.  Suggestion would be to camp from Saturday to Sunday, so as to ensure that all you have enough rest before going back to work/school on Monday.

East Coast is good, but make sure you camp near the public toilet.  Like I said in one of my replies above, Area D is a nice place, if my memory is correct, it is carpark D1 area, near to pits D35 and D36.  There is a public toilet near Pit D36, very convenient, but remember you must apply for permit from the National Parks.

Hope I have said enough for you to reconsider your DD’s request!  Have fun if you do change your mind!





maid to 3 men and a dog … 

Sun_2010 Haha, looks like


Haha, looks like my Marina Barrage photos and tips got the better of you huh? Your ‘now’ really means now, huh?  LOL!  Didn’t expect you to zoom there within one day of my photos/tips!  I think you beat the others to it!

How was the experience?  Did the kid/s enjoy the experience?  Wow, you are lucky, must have reached there pretty early to be able to get a coveted spot in the shade!

Haha, hammocks are not compulsory to make the camping fun, but would be good to have.  My younger boy and I always ended up sleeping on the hammocks outside the tent as both of us are very sensitive to the stuffiness inside the tent at night, while husband and elder boy can sleep through the warm air inside the tent!  LOL.

I have not bought a single hammock from Singapore, so am not sure where you would be able to find one, but I suppose those shops selling camping stuff at Beach Road or Changi Village would sell them.  I have seen some being sold at Cash Converters though, but they are too narrow/short in my opinion.

My first hammock, which is still with me, was handmade and given to me by my uncle when I was 10 years old.  Used to live in the kampong, so would hang it between trees and would sleep there on hot afternoons. 

I have a few more, and they came from my cousin who married a German.  She bought some when she returned to Germany with her husband, but when she came back, she realised that she didn’t have the need for it since they are not the outdoor type, so in the end, she gave them to me since everyone in my extended family knows that we are the outdoor type.  Wow, they are really good, big and broad as they were meant for those huge Germans!  We love them to bits!






maid to 3 men and a dog … 

Hi 25hours maid, thanks for

Hi 25hours maid, thanks for the great tips.  Just last nite, my DH was suggesting to camp in East Coast and I was not so keen….am not the adventurous type lah…I told him I know I will not be able to sleep in peace….However, my dear DD got so excited and told me "mummy, its okay, we are not going to set the tent too near the sea…we will be safe. and have fun"  She had been pestering me since morning when are we going??  Looks like your tips come at the righte time….Guess I need to re-consider….

Thank U

Thanks 25hoursmaid!

Will surely try it out this hols. But where can I get  a hammock?

PS- Wnet kite flying @ marina barrage yesterday – maybe I was the millointh visitor 🙂 Your tips proved very useful – got a space in shade too


Thanks buds hubs, but where

Thanks buds hubs, but where can we find sulphur powder?  


maid to 3 men and a dog … 

Sulphur Anyone??

Great Tips….

Another good way of insect proofing the perimeter of your tent is using sulphur powder..

Its suppose to keep out creepy crawlies & snakes.. tried & tested in the good old army daze!!


You are most welcome,

You are most welcome, autumnbronze.  You have to try it out one day to know how fun camping can be to the kids, but wait a minute, think your son is a bit too young.  Give him at least until he’s 6 or 7, otherwise a bit tough for you and him.



maid to 3 men and a dog … 

Great tips ....

Great tips 25hourmaid,

Thanks for sharing

Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can read – Mark Twain


Hi mathsparks, Yes, camping

Hi mathsparks,

Yes, camping is fun and we too have fond memories of those camping days, but just that we cannot pick up the activity again due to my boys’ busy schedule nowadays. 

Agree with you that camping near East Coast Macs is not a good idea.  Too noisy for comfort like you said.  For us, our favourite used to be at Area D, near the public toilet.

I remember camping from Christmas to Boxing Day in 2004 and the next day, when we read about the Tsunami, that really sent chills down our spines!  *** Shudder ***  Fortunately Singapore was not affected by the Tsunami then and hope will never be.







maid to 3 men and a dog … 

Those camping days we had were most memorable!

 Though it seems too much hassle, do bring your kids camping; 25hourmaid’s tips are wonderful to guide you there!

Mine still rem those days we spent camping at east coast and west coast parks. Esp the one at wcp where it suddenly poured and dd was sleeping soundly while ds was so anxious he couldn’t sleep worrying abt the rain; eventually, we roused the sleeping beauty and scrambled for cover. Great fun!

I prefer those places away from the crowds; do avoid the stretch in front of Macs at east coast. I find it too polluted – noise and litter! The nicest stretch at the ecp is the one near the sailing club; but don’t venture too far near the safra resort  coz I’ve seens a few stray dogs there.

Enjoy the holidays, ksps!





DesertWind You are most


 You are most welcome.  Glad that you found the tips useful.

 maid to 3 men and a dog … 

Blurbee, you are most

Blurbee, you are most welcome!  Hope you found the tips useful.  Do give camping a try one of these days.  I am sure your kids would love the experience.


maid to 3 men and a dog … 


Hi 25hourmaid,

Very interesting, thank you very much for the tips!

Thanks for the tips

Thanks for the tips.