Charlie Bit Me!

Thought of a video to share with people following this thread.

I think the most instinctive response of the child bitten would have been to smack for his brother to stop, but this little fella was simple SWEEEEET! Maybe smacking didn’t even cross his mind! That’s credit to parental example, I think!


Both my kids loved it and

Both my kids loved it and they wanna watch it again and again! … Good illustration of brotherly love (with the brother offering his finger … haha!!)

Thanks for sharing as it is

Thanks for sharing as it is so cute.

Charlie bit me

Yah Buds, my girl’s still coming to me with, “Mommy, I want Charlie Bit Me” when she sees me at my computer. I wonder what’s on the Dad’s mind when he was filming his children at it….

Ultra Cute!

Ultra cute! When my girls see i’m online on KSP,

they’d ask me to click on it over and over again…

Yes, i agree with ZacK… on the part where it was

so cute when he repeated the "Charlie bit me part"

and in that accent too! Thanks for sharing it with us,




Both my girl and myself enjoy this video clip very much . Thanks for posting it here 

Good nature

The big brother is definately good natured.  Sweet boy, cutie baby.

This made me chuckle... cos

This made me chuckle… cos the two boys are SOOOOOOO cute… especially when the elder brother after almost crying…smile and said Charlie bit me… đŸ™‚

that's a cute video!

that’s a cute video!


What a good example of consequences !
Notice he didn’t put his finger in Charlie’s mouth again?
LOL – Adorable !

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