Want To Support Your Child During Exam Season? 20 Questions You’ll Need To Ask

Is your child prepared for the year-end exams? Use this checklist as a guide.

1 Week Before The Exam

  • Have you studied and reviewed all the examinable topics? By making or reading summary notes, testing your recall and understanding, and working on practice questions?
  • If no, what are the most essential topics to read or review?
  • How much time do you have for last-minute revision?
  • How can you review the remaining topics in the least possible time? (Read: effective last-minute revision strategies)
  • When you have questions about a topic, who can you consult quickly for help?
  • Have you taken a practice exam, keeping to the time limit of the actual paper? Have you scored yourself and taken note of your mistakes?
  • Have you re-attempted challenging questions to see if you can do them now?
  • Are you aware of the mistakes frequently made by students (or yourself), so you can avoid making those mistakes in the exam? (Read: 15 exam mistakes to avoid)

2 Days Before The Exam

  • Do you have a strategy for answering the questions? (Read: tackle science open-ended questions; Read: the fastest way to solve math problems)
  • Do you have a strategy for avoiding careless mistakes or transfer errors?
  • Do you have a strategy for checking your papers? (Read: techniques for checking papers)
  • Are you getting at least 8 hours of sleep? (Read: sleep strategies to boost grades)
  • Are you feeling stressed about the exams? (Read: cope with exam stress)
  • How do you want to celebrate the end of exams?
  • What would you like to do during the holidays?

The Day Of The Exam

  • Are you feeling confident? (Read: boost morale for the exams)

The Day Of The Results

  • How are you feeling?
  • What would you like to do today? (Read: more ways to respond to exam results)

When Your Child Is Ready For A Discussion

  • Are you happy with your exam scores?
  • If no, what do you feel you need to improve? (Read: create a revision plan)