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Trying to decide between kindergartens or childcare? Looking for the right preschool? Want to understand more about preschool curriculum? Decided on getting a nanny but not too sure what to look for?

Our KiasuParents share their tips and experiences in deciding what is best for them.



Yes my dd has been there past

Yes my dd has been there past one year. The Teachers are patient and caring. They know all the kids names and parents. There is a new online portal where they share pics of kids participating in class. My dd didn’t like her previous school, cried every morning. When she came here, no more crying! They have occasional outings where parents can join in and the sports day is fun too. I think every centre is different but this one has kind teachers  and so far the turnover rate is very low.


Looking for school bus

Hi , i am looking for a reliable n affordable school bus to pick n drop my daughter daily from jelapang road bukit panjang to Beauty world centre (MMI PRESCHOOL) around 8am and pick up at 5pm .. 


Kindly contact me asap 

Preschool Teachers

Someone once shared that a preschool teacher must also know how to think like a child, act like a child… often the teachers are unable to engage the kids because they use the normal teaching method for children in primary or secondary schools. If preschool teachers can only complain about how naughty or disobedient a child is, she is not in the same world as our kids.

Learning Kidz in 423 Serangoon

Any mom send their kids to Learning Kidz Serangoon? I don’t like void deck CC personally because of the space constraint. However, it is near to where I stay around Heartland mall. Thus I am exploring it.

My boy is very passive and laid back. He’s not an entusiastic learner nor is he curious/inquisitive. Thus I need teachers who are very patient and caring. 

Any feedback or opinion or suggestions for other CC around Hougang is greatly appreciated! TIA!!

looking for preschool at bukit batok/bukit gombak area

Any recommendations for good preschool at bukit batok or gombak for my 5yrs old n 2 yrs old boys? Anyone know about cherie hearts fun house located at Galistan ave? Is it a good n reliable preschool? Thanks!

Best preschool

Hi dear parents,

My baby gal was 18mth now, I would like find a better preschool for her but still dunno how to decide? My house is Sengkang there so the best preschool is not nearby..

Any suggestion?

Good CCC in Yishun

 Check out His Little Kingdom……..very established and personal.

Ask for owner, Susie.


All the best

Good CCC in Yishun

Need to look for a good full-day child care center for my child around Yishun area. Preferably nearby Northpoint-Chong Pang.

Any good recommendation on a ccc that has good and experienced teachers with good curriculum and activities?

Thank you.

childcare centres

I need help…..My autism son coming to 3yrs old soon. I m looking for private or govt childcare centres near novena and farrer park mrt station. He has speech delay.

Doc is suspecting he is autistic.

Where can he impove to make life better? What should I do?


Looking for a part time baby sitter to take care of 18 months toddler in the afternoon. (half a day). 

Requirement of baby sitter must not smoke, love and tender care for the toddler, provide meals, clean and hygiene.

Location near Potong Pasir / Youngberg Terrace.

 Can any one help.  Thanks


Looking for part-time nanny...

Hi, i’m looking for part-time nanny to take care my daughter (6 yrs old) about 2-3 hours  after student care near Fajar LRT.  Anyone can help ??

Recommendation for Nursery in Jurong West


My son now is 26 months.  I’m planning to send him to Nursery. 

Would appreciate if you could recommend….


Playgroup in SK

My eldest boy was in Tots house for those short programmes… he enjoyed himself and the environment was good.  When he went to nursery, we sent him to Sengkang Methodist Church childcare centre.  They teach very good character values and have a waiting list. For kindergarten, because we wanted a full day programme, took him out of SKMCC and he’s now in Faith Educare Centre Blk 260D.  He looks forward to school everyday so I guess they must be doing something right!

Playgrp in SK



Am looking for one for my 26 mths old boy..Any recommendations?

Recommend Play grp in Sengkang

My son is now 22 months ,Planning to send him to play school ,Pls recommend play School in Sengkang area

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