Child friendly trip in Beijing

I recently bought my P2 child to Beijing. The weather is fantastic during June. not too hot and not too cold.

We are on our own, not joining any tour. The places that we went are not common sight-seeing location for adult, but they are all great for kids. My child enjoy this trip very much.

Here is our itinerary:

Day 1: 蟹岛 (highly recommended)
location: 东苇路,east suburb of Beijing. you can take a taxi there.
It is just a name, not a island and there is no crab there too.
There are a lot of stuff to play inside:
-mini theme park
-fishing (with airconditioning)
-mini zoo.

My daughter loves the mini zoo the best. It is better than Beijing zoo as the child can interact with the animal in near distance.
The entrance fee is only RMB5. you can bring your own vegetable or buy from there at rmb 3 per packet. You can feed all the animal there.
money, eagle, farm animal like rabbit, duck, goose, cow, goat, pig, etc. We saw peacock open up the tail too.

near by 蟹岛, on the same road, there is a 金盏郁金香花园。
you can pick fresh organic vegetable and fruit there.
There is a indoor swimming complex, just like our wild wild wet.
entrance fee: rmb 98-168 for adult, child rmb 60.
but we didn’t go inside as we didn’t bring out swimming custume on that day.

Day 2: Forbidden City. (this is suitable for primary kids)
Transport: take taxi or take mrt, line 1, alight at Tian An Men station.
Ticket: RMB60 for adult. free for kids below 1.2meter.
I rent a e-tour (a electronic device that give you a tour of forbidden city). I paid rmb 10 (about S$2, cheap tour guide, hehe) and rmb 100 deposit. You can get the deposit back when you exit at main gate.
We enter from the north gate, and exit at the south gate.
The place is too big. we just manage to walk through the center and my kid complain tired. Despite this, it is still a educational tour.

Day 3: china science center
For detail, pls refer to their website

On the 1st floor, there is a small science center specially build for younger children. entrance fee: rmb 20 for child, rmb 10 for adult.
It is as great as singapore science center. The kids can spent whole day there.

Day 4: 索尼探梦 and 朝阳公园.
it is inside the 朝阳公园. enter from the south gate of the park.
The ticket is rmb 30. cover the entrance fee for the park.

索尼探梦 is a mini science center that supported by Sony.
but you can’t find most of the stuff in other science center.
e.g. there is a device that explain how the eye focus.
At each station, there will be a big sony LCD screen to show you how to play and what is the principle behind it.
If the timing is right, you can catch a drama show too.

朝阳公园 has a lot to offer. playground, water activities such as rent a boat, rent a tricycle, etc.

If you have time, can book a puppet or acrobat show through

good article

thanks for sharing!

I love to go there one day!

I love to go there one day!

Hey, I went on the same trip!

Hey, I went on the same trip! Did we go on the same package?

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