Children, you enrich our lives !

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Everybody says kids learn everything from their parents.
I disagree.

Parents got plenty to learn from their kids too, such as :
– life need not be complicated
– we can do with less worries
– no harm being more cheerful
– we should think positively
– and we shall be contented (知足常乐 )!

Without my kids, I could never appreciate the simple joy of a playground, garden or even a pool. Watch, as our kids scream in excitement at every butterfly, worms or even a simple raindrop.

Kids open our eyes, and broaden Daddy’s horizon :
– I am humbled by their thirst for knowledge.
– Their curiosity never cease to amaze us.
– Their memory? Well, let us remember not to swear in front of them, they never Forget!
– Innocence, how can we get angry when they smile like an angel?

Everyone of my kid is a blessing.

Daddy cannot imagine living a life without them.
When they call me Daddy (爸爸), I am the happiest man.

Thank you my children, you have enriched Daddy and Mummy 🙂

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