Chinese Flashcards Fun Game

Leaning Chinese will never be boring. The simple flashcards are not only use for recognition of chinese character, but also can use in different way, such as reviewing words learnt, making words & sentence, practice child’s math skill (multiplication, addition, substration). I am using "Zi Bao Bao" flashcard. Normally the lower primary students will be required to purchase. 1. I ask my child to lay the cards on the table in rows. She has to read the card when she display it. 2. once she has done, she needs to calculate how many cards in each row and how many rows. e.g. 7 cards in each row, there were 3 rows. so she will use multiplication to calculate the total. 7×3=21cards 3. We start to play game. Each person can collect the cards whenever she/he can match two cards or more card to create words or sentence or idoms. Whoever has the more cards gathered wins the game. (addition, substraction will be needed in this case). My girl loves to play this game with me. In the meantime, I also temporarily put down my serious/fierce face during study time, and enjoy my bonding time with her too. Some more information on game tips, please refer to following website:

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