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CIP – Community Involvement Program which is compulsory for Secondary students. Details can be found here, Thank you, sx4 for sharing and  here.

Ever wonder how to fulfil the 100 hours of CIP requirements? If left to the school, it’s very difficult to reach even half of that. But through the student’s initation, clocking 100 hours isn’t that daunting. Mine managed more than 140 hours.

Though it started off as a dreaded task of having to accumulate so many hours within 3.5 years, she went beyond the 100 hours required as she found the experience enriching and rewarding. She was exposed to a variety of situations, people from different walks of life, birds etc  which she will not have the opportunity to do so if not for the cip.

Other than the ones organised by her school, these are the various activities that she initiated herself:

1) Library – One of the most popular cip options as it comes with free air-con! But dd didn’t enjoy it as the shelfing and book dust was too much for her sensitive nose. She endured 21 hours here.

Students can sign up by themselves at any library.

2) Marathons – She was a packer at the std chartered marathon, involved in the packing and distribution of race kits to participants. A very hectic 3 day event for her. She was paid $10 a day with KFC meals for lunch and dinner and chalked up 20 hours. A further 10 hours accumulated as a run marshall at the osim triathlon.

Look out for the various run events throughout the year and sign up for them on your own. You can easily accumulate the hours at these mass events.

3) Bird park – She added 30 hours in this 5 day program. She tended to the gardens, fed and learned about birds and watched the various performances. She found it so rewarding that she wanted to sign up again the following year, but was told to go through the school. So, if your child is keen on this, get the school to arrange.

4) Lions home – She was assigned the job of packing chopsticks for charity sale. I was free in the afternoons, so I helped out as well. 30 hours clocked.

5) Flag donation – She did this at the Special Olympics flag day. Most folks avoided the tin-bearers like the plague. A miserable 3 hours clocked but enough for her to see the miserly side of people.

This is commonly arranged by schools or just  look out for announcements from various organisations and sign up yourself.


Other CIP suggestions which probably need to be initiated by schools – zoo, spca, beach cleanup, visits to children/elderly home, tutor at cdac/family services centres.

Change of name

Ins’t CIP called VIA(Values in Action)?

CIP - sec schs

Thanks.   Was never really involved myself and was clueless.  Now that my son is in Sec 1, realised he is still rather free and perhaps we should clock more on our own instead of waiting for schools to arrange.  Thanks for the info. 

Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for sharing 🙂

thanks for the great idea

thanks for the great idea


Thank you, mathsparks, for the CIP tips. 

In theory, yes!

 You’re welcome, kuzco. In theory, yes. I rem my girl was told need to inform school before signing up for cip on her own; but I think she only follow law the first time.

Subsequently, she just handed in the certificate/letter to the person in charge who will record and then return her the original. Her school will remind the students to submit within a certain timeframe if they want it recorded.



Hi mathsparks. Thanks for

Hi mathsparks.

Thanks for your good post on CIP hours.  If we don’t wait for the school and chalk up CIP hours on our own, does it mean that we have to inform the school of the CIP activities so that it will be recorded against DS’s name?  His school hasn’t mentioned anything on CIP also.

don't wait

 hi julongmum,

my advice is don’t wait for the school. Sec1/2 is the most ideal time to accumulate those hours. the 5 suggestions i listed above are all initiated by my daughter. share it with your kid and take it from there.



Thanks for the suggestions,

Thanks for the suggestions, you’re indeed very resourceful. Btw, when can the pupil start to resource and chalk cip hours, ie for sec 1 pupil? so far the sch hasn’t arranged anything with regard to cip.

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