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Conversation with my son – On him finding his internal compass on learning

Below is the conversation extract I had with my son last Sunday. It’s about his O levels.

















I feel as long as a child is conscientious, we just have to support them all the way; results are secondary…


Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for sharing 🙂

Hi, you are an understanding and caring mummy



I am very touched by your love and understanding towards your son. Unlike some mummies, who only knows how to put the blame or lecturing their children when their results are not to their parents’ expectations. (I have heard quite some from my friends).

I am very fortunate to have a mummy who is also very understanding and caring. Yes, she encourages me to study hard but she uses the soft approach. She don’t scold or lecture me when the results are not within expectation, instead she recognises my hardwork and tells me to strive harder next time. Mummy, I LOVE you!!!!!!!!!

well done

Yes, I believed many parents nowadays have been pressured by the meritocratic nature of our society to be over-fixated on achieving academic excellence, not every child is born to be Thomas Edison, each and every child has their own strenghts/weaknesses. It’s more important to remain supportive of the child so long as they’re really putting in the effort, then putting the child down when the grades are unsatisfactory. Ultimately, we as parents can only monitor and provide guidance, the kids are the one living their own lives in the future so if they realize that, they will have the motivation to strive hard to do well. Thumbs up!


Oh yes total agreed!, As a mum i tink tat is what we can do, as a children they need to know what they wan. Tat what i can help my girl now (A level)

i totally agree with what

i totally agree with what you said

I think I will be so

I think I will be so touched to tears if my DS says that to me…

Thank you for sharing!!!

Its so Touching!!

Thank you for sharing

Thank you for sharing Insider.

Highlighting a Mummy’s unconditional love and support for her child, a child’s understanding and appreciation of Mummy’s love and most importantly, recognition of his own shortcomings and the courage to change.



Hi Insider

Hi Insider,

Thanks for sharing.

Really enjoyed your post and was very touched at the way you handled the matter with your DS.

Thks for sharing

Hi insider, really admire your wisdom and patience in handling this situation. Wish I have such wisdom n patience with my kids. Still hv a lot to learn where parenting is concerned. Your experience is a great learning point for me. Thk u insider for your sharing!

Thanks for sharing this

Thanks for sharing this touching incidence, Insider!

Brought  a lump to my throat while reading it.  Your son’s concern about his mum’s feeling is so palpitable and seems like the world hinges on his mum’s response.  If the response is one of nagging and scolding, I guess the child’s internal world will be crush somewhat and the sense of failure and sadness will remain with him for a long while.  Conversely the grace which you handle and answer your son’s concern is really touching and for me to learn.  I hope when the time come I too am able to answer my son in this manner as well.

All the best! 

Kudos to you Insider! I

Kudos to you Insider! I hope I have the wisdom and patience in such situations with my kid. We so often look at the short term results rather than the long term learning. I have so much more to learn and improve with regards to parenting especially after reading so many posts of great parenting from you and others. Good luck to your son’s O levels.

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