Countdown To PSLE 2019: What Parents Need To Know

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PSLE Countdown

With about a week left till the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) begin for this year’s Primary 6 students, what are parents most concerned about? Here’s a quick overview of what our KSP community has been discussing.

The Dreaded Haze

Topmost on our KSP community’s minds is the current haze situation, as haze levels crossed the “unhealthy” mark last week. High-quality masks that can protect against dangerous airborne particles (such as the N95 masks) have already sold out at some Guardian pharmacy outlets, but restocking plans are said to be in place.

Some parents with a stockpile of old masks are wondering if the masks can be used beyond their expiry dates, and sadly, the answer is no. The components of a disposable respirator will degrade over time, and it cannot be expected to provide the same level of protection indefinitely.

The local Ministry of Education (MOE) has reminded parents to ensure that children, especially those with respiratory conditions, carry their medications with them at all times. They’ve also announced that if haze-related school closures should coincide with national examinations such as the PSLE, the affected papers will be rescheduled.

The Final Push

In the final days of preparation, many parents are focused on helping their children to allay their anxieties leading up to the exam. For some parents, a readthrough of notes during this period is sufficient, while others may still want their children to redo papers or attempt questions from schools known for their exacting standards, such as Raffles Girls’ Primary School or Nanyang Primary School. 

According to one experienced primary school teacher (and a mother herself), the priority should be on ensuring that children get ample sleep and rest in these crucial days. Read her post for some last-minute study strategies that she would use with her own children, such as going over sample questions orally to save time. However, do be mindful about not inducing more stress in your child at this point.

Secondary School Cut-Off Points

Every year, the MOE distributes booklets to parents and students, containing essential information on the Secondary 1 Posting Exercise in Singapore, including:

  • Procedures and key dates relating to the posting exercise
  • Different pathways for secondary school students
  • Sample forms that you will need to fill
  • Key information on schools, including the range of qualifying PSLE scores for each school in the previous year. 

The booklet for the 2018 PSLE cohort is still available for download in four languages: English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil. The updated booklet for the 2019 PSLE cohort will be available in October 2019.

Results Day

Some parents are already feeling jittery about Results Day, which, for this year, will tentatively be between 21 November and 25 November. No matter what the results may be, remember to celebrate your child, and to praise the effort that he or she has put in! As many have said before, don’t let this exam be a defining moment in your child’s life — there is still a long journey ahead, and it is one that is filled with possibility. Read our articles on dealing with PSLE results, and helping your child to settle into secondary school.

Need support, or simply want to chat with other parents during the PSLE? Join our discussion group for the 2019 PSLE here!

Wed 18/09/2019