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Create Unique Memories while Holidaying Overseas

There is no lack of things to see and do in Singapore but sometimes when you are looking for more unique experiences, you certainly need to look beyond the shores of our tiny Red Dot.

If you are packing your bags for an overseas holiday with the kids, remember to include activities that will enrich and engage your children’s minds, rather than just doing the same-old, same-old such as pounding the shopping pavements or noshing on local treats… not that we’re telling you to totally omit these from your itineraries though.

But why not include some hands-on activities that will give your young ones the opportunity to learn more about Science, Biology, History and more, albeit out of the classroom?

If you are travelling around Asia, here are some interesting places you can explore.

Be one with nature in South Korea, mud and all

More than just about hallyu and the K-pop craze, this beautiful country in East Asia is filled with rugged mountains and endless green vistas. Called “beol” or “gaetbeol” in Korean, mudflats are one of Korea’s natural wonders, with some renowned as tourist spots and the mud used in skincare products. The famous Boryeong Mud Festival and the annual mudfest at Sinan County may not happen during the school holiday period, but you can still visit islands like Muuido near Seoul during low tide and enjoy clamming and laying hands on other sea creatures. It will certainly be an unforgettable experience for the kids. Just remember to bundle them up adequately if you are visiting during the colder seasons.


Coolest planet tour in Japan

After the usual pilgrimage to Tokyo DisneyLand, make time to head to the lovely port city of Yokohama, less than a 1-hour train ride from Central Tokyo. Let your children take a whirlwind tour of the planet at Orbi Yokohama – a supercharged nature experience that fuses SEGA’s innovation in the world of entertainment with BBC’s ground breaking nature content. Discover the wonders of nature on the world’s only 8x40m theatre screen; take a 40,000 km lap of the Earth or dive 10,944m into the ocean depths at the Experience Zone.

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Escape the urban labyrinth in outlying Hong Kong

Known as one of the most densely populated areas of the world, you may be surprised that a country famous for its urban skyscrapers and bustling harbor actually boasts stunning natural landscapes worthy of National Geographic-type photo spreads.

Discover the UNESCO-listed Hong Kong National Geopark and witness how nature had created artistry in volcanic rock formations and sedimentary rock.
Spend a leisurely day in one of the countryside farms offering activities for little farmers and close encounters with animals. Check out Hong Kong’s first organic farm in Fanling, New Territories or the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Gardens, offering art workshops, environmental education amidst the northern slopes and foothills of Hong Kong’s highest mountain – Tai Mo Shan.


Paddle through scenic Vietnam

If you are planning to let your child learn a new water sport, consider an unforgettable kayaking lesson while enjoying a great Indochina adventure. Explore the hidden lagoons and stalagmite caves of Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay and learn about the geology and wildlife of the country. Licensed tour operators will provide basic lessons in sea kayaking, some specially catered to both adults and children, so you can enjoy a good time with the entire family.

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