Critical Success Factors to Ace that ‘O’ Level English Exam

Does your child require help in the English subject? Mr. Charles English Learning Centre offers preparatory and intensive coaching for PSLE, N Level, O Level English and A Level General Paper.

English Tuition is also available for:

  • Primary 5 and 6
  • Secondary 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Junior College 1 and 2

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Understanding the basic rules of grammar is critical for writing and essential for communicating effectively. There is a need for weaker students to go back to basics to relearn these rules and concepts, so as to apply them to their written papers and oral exams. Our Principal, Mr. Charles focuses on these basic rules and repeatedly hammers home the concepts, until they become second nature to our students.
The key skillset required to nail the comprehension passage involves the following:

  • looking for patterns and links in the passage
  • looking for the focus and issues in the comprehension questions
  • being specific and to the point in answering comprehension questions 

But the most critical of all secret sauces for scoring in the comprehension exam; lots of practice and practice till perfection! Mr. Charles puts his students through numerous practices week after week, building up capability, consistency and most importantly, confidence.
Students should be trained to implement the following strategy under exam conditions:

  • Dissecting the Question
  • Planning the essay: how to write a good Introduction, understanding the purpose of paragraphs, connecting ideas and writing a good Conclusion
  • Putting it together: presenting a well-connected and well-structured essay  

Training students to address the different formats and structures for situational writing:

  • Who am I writing for? [Audience] – They could be the public, Principal, Teacher, friend, company manager, Town Council etc.
  • Why am I writing this? [Purpose] – To give an account of something I witnessed, to complain about something, to explain, inform, instruct, convince and persuade, sell, etc.
  • How is this piece to be written? [Format] – report, letter, account, article. statement, review, speech etc.
  • What is the tone I should use? [Language] – formal, informal, persuasive, informative, argumentative etc.

When all of the above skills for Essay Writing and Situational Writing have been absorbed and fully comprehended, students will do essay and situational writing pieces in class within the O Level exam time frame, in exam-simulated conditions.  All essays will be marked and returned to students for further analysis of their strengths and weaknesses.  Copies of distinction scoring essays will distributed to all students as model essays and model situational writing pieces.

If your child needs extra help improving his or her English writing skills, Mr. Charles English Learning Centre can help. Start him or her early with us in upper Primary or lower Secondary, to get their basics and fundamentals right! Remember, Grammar Rules!
Our Principal is a veteran MOE teacher, with over 25 years of teaching experience. Those students who come to Mr. Charles failing their English, leave him passing the English Language; and those who come to him passing, leave him with Distinctions!

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