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Curiosity – The Key to Genius

Technically speaking, knowledge is but a bunch of answers to a bunch of questions.

A key differentiator of a "gifted" child from a average child is really the level of the child’s natural curiosity that leads him to ask a series of questions that facilitates a deeper understanding of subject of his interest.  This enables the child to learn deeper and wider.

As adults, too often, we brush our children’s questions aside due to our impatience.  We forget that we were once kids ourselves, and what we had to go through ourselves to acquire the level of knowledge we now possess.

The book "Awakening Your Child’s natural Genius" by Dr Thomas Armstrong is not about creating geniuses.  It is about how we, as parents, can encourage our children to return to their natural state of being curious about the world around themselves, and wanting to learn more through actual experiences.  It is a book written for parents who are interested in being more engaged with the learning experiences of their children (ie. KiasuParents!).  It is easy to read and thought provoking.  A highly recommended read.


where to get this book?

where to get this book? Anybody selling it?

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