Dec ’08 Shows @ Downtown East

Adventures of Hansel & Gretel

Hansel and Gretel lived next the Enchanted Forest.

One day, while they were playing, Gretel ventured into forest and got lost. So Hansel set out to find his sister. He met the Gingerbread man and Robin Hood along the way. Robin Hood, being the courageous young chap, decided to help Hansel look for his sister. He felt strongly for Hansel because he too had a sister who was lost in the Enchanted Forest.

They finally found Gretel. She was held captive in the Giant’s Castle.

They must devise a plan to save Gretel from the dreaded Giant. Will they be able to save her? Will Robin Hood be able to find his long lost sister too?

Adventures of Hansel & Gretel:
1- 30 December (Except Mondays)
Venue : Foyer
Time : 6:30pm 

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