Detecting Hearing Problems in Young Children

A past student of mine in parent-child playgroup session has this experience. Think to share with you…

The child is 20 mths old. Handsome kid with long fine straight shoulder length hair. Comes in fancy branded outfits. Extremely cute. Mom sports a simple tie-back, shorts and spaghetti strapped top. And i will always recognise the Cartier on her ring finger… A very classy mom.

Class duration is one hour. We usually have 2 teachers rotating amongst parents with working the materials on the shelves, sharing Montessori ideas for learning in the home and the Montessori methodology itself or at times just some housewife indulgences on how they cope with the children at home.

I can sense the mom of this boy seem bored as the child kept at doing only one thing… Only one thing each time… And when she wants to introduce new material, the child insist on working with it some more until its like almost time for music and movement session then he may decide to swap for another. Child also does not seem to enjoy music. He like just follows the flow. Mum holds his hand, gives him a nudge or moves him bodily, to get him going with the actions. The child at one glance – is a down sydrome child also born with a cleft lip and a leg shorter than the other. But – a dashing young boy.

He doesn’t speak. Even if he does – muffled sounds or sounds coming from his throat… forced… esp when frustrated. No coherent words. Almost NO eye-contact at all times. When it comes to instructions his mum will hold his hand and repeat the instruction i last gave. Does not clap or has the ability to aprreciate a clap.

I decided to work this material called the sound box.  It comes in box of 6 cylindrical containers, one box blue and one red for matching activity. We usually introduce only one box first to teach the concept of loud and soft. Follwed by gradation of sounds – soft, softer, softest and loud, louder, loudest…

Each cylinder is filled with objects which when shaken produces a different sound. For example, one big marble, a teaspoon of soy beans, a teaspoon of rice, etc.

The mom finally came out of her tolerance shell and sent in her withdrawal, quoting signs of no improvement since day one which was a few months back way before i was working there. I accepted her withdrawal and just resumed the activity. While i was working i chatted her up and asked what he does at home, what he likes, etc.

Then, came her sharings… what her worries were… the why’s and the how’s… I told her i wanted to show her something and worked the sound box with her child. I whispered to her… when we work with children they will usually offer small signs or indications that they like or dislike something or mebbe just trying to tell us something… catch those moments, while playing together…

He was fascinated with the material, couldn wait to begin touching. I insist he look me in the eye by touching his arm. when he looked up, i shook the first one and he copied. Then smiled… I continued till all the cylinders were shaken, each time repeating the sound twice – ie. this is loud…. loud…. He repeated only the actions but not the sound. He became excited. He felt something shaking inside the cylinders and kept shaking each one intensely. I repeated the action to shake near his ear. He did so. But with the one big marble.

It became too loud to endure… but he kept shaking it. I told the mom this material is best used to detect hearing defiency in children and it seems that her son cannot is not able to hear a sound that loud, hence his shaking gets harder and harder… and cudn stop.

I asked his mom what abt other common illnesses , does he recover quickly… she says nope, when having runny nose and cough, always got prolonged phlegm until sometimes lead to bronchitis. Once she didn’t realise his tonsils were so inflamed that she had to get one removed.. has heart surgery before as an infant. And the list went on..

I advised her to quickly go to ENT for thorough check up.

Next 2 wks, didn’t see him. Third week, they came. Him with small hearing aide and a cast on his shorter leg. So cute… Still so handsome and getting chubbier. Mom came straight to me and said doc confirmed ear defect which wasn’t so clearly detected first time round, but after much insistence for a more thorough check and got it fixed with a small day surgery thingy then the cast – something abt levelling the two legs.

I was not sure how that was done.

Mom shared… he shouts a bit now. But clear shouts of NO or YES and most times now… a slow but coherent maaaammm….mmaaa.. Cause, the sounds the child hears are now louder and clearer than before.

With a tear in her eye, she said thanks… and squeezed my arm. She said it was her last session for the day and she reali wanted to come to say goodbye. Actually, one more session to go…but the child had a scheduled heart surgery in US. She promised me she will spend more time with her son from now on and watch out for small signs that he may be showing her. Wink

I gave her a quick follow up on how to coach her child to be independent with sight word cards and so on as he’s still adapting to the louder sounds in his current hearing. I shared with her he will slowly be able to articulate the whole sound of the words he hears now, instead of usually just the faint ending sounds of words or sentences that makes his sounds come out muffled or incoherent. To be patient and speak to him slowly so that he catches everything she tries to convey to him.

I hugged him and signed his cute cast. On his way out, he turned his head round to me and smiled. This time when mom ask him to wave goodbye, he did. Love Mum said thank you and hugged me… she whispered, i am having a 2nd child soon via IVF. Its a miracle.

I hope he’s doing well now.  If not for Cartier mom, dun think he cud afford so many major
operations in such a short time… if not for Cartier stay home mum, he wudn’t have made so much progress in such a short time. Take time to stop, look and listen.

STOP – Drop everything we’re doing and concentrate on the child.

LOOK – Observe all the developments achieved and look out for improvements in other weak areas.

LISTEN – Take time to listen… your child is trying to tell you something each and everyday…

We don’t have to have Cartier to be an active parent to our children’s development. Tho Cartier will sure as heck help a lot along the way… Ahak! Wink



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Thanks for sharing. 😉

Cartier Mum.


Hi Buds,

Thanks for sharing about this Cartier mum! Was really touched by your article and will heed your advice to attend to our child!


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