Develop a Strong Foundation for PSLE and O Level Chinese

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Are you looking for a top-notch Chinese language education centre for your child? Look no further! EduVision offers top-notch Chinese and Higher Chinese classes for Primary 3 to Secondary 4 students. Here at EduVision, all lessons are conducted online via engaging materials and teaching methods. Our lessons are aligned with the MOE curriculum, and we cover all skills needed for PSLE and O-Level. We have trained thousands of students. Our group classes teach students how to tackle reading comprehension questions, perform well for oral examinations, and write beautifully for compositions.

Our Unique Teaching Methods

Lessons at EduVision will not only allow students to excel during examinations, but also aim to develop strong foundations in the students’ mastery of the Chinese language. Thoughtfully designed class materials, such as engaging and interactive animations, reinforce students’ vocabularies and language ability while helping them to cultivate a deep interest for the subject. While our lessons place heavy emphasis on repeated practice, each practice session is uniquely planned such that students remain interested.

We take pride in how we teach compositions, and we believe that our dedication to each student is something that is unparalleled by other tuition centres. All compositions will be given detailed comments, as well as advice on how a second draft should be written. Our tutors go the extra mile to personally go through every submitted composition and provide personalised feedback via either video or audio messages. We believe that students will only be able to see real improvement and develop strong writing skills through this way!

EduVision® Chinese classes for Primary 3 to 6

EduVision® Chinese classes for Secondary 1 to 4

Our Success Stories

More than 90% of EduVision P6 students achieved a grade of A*/A or AL 1 or 2 in past year PSLE exams. Many of our students also achieved a PSLE score of 4D under the new AL system! ( AL1 for all 4 subjects + Distinction for Higher Chinese)

Our lessons for Sec 1-4 will not only prepare students for their O level exams well, but also cultivate their interest in Chinese culture. Through analysing classic novels and discussing current affairs and hot topics, our students gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture while developing their critical thinking skills.

Due to their strength in Chinese, many of our students have become Bilingual Ambassadors in their schools, or gain admission into MOE CLEP (Chinese language elective program) and BSP (Bicultural Studies Program). One of our students was even awarded the Prime Minister Book Prize!

Testimonials from our parents!

Our Niche Areas

Lastly, on top of excellent Chinese lessons, we also have been providing DSA mentorship programmes for many years, as well as workshops which teach DSA interview strategies. We specialise in mentoring students interested in applying for DSA through the Chinese and Bilingualism domains – more than 20 students from EduVision received confirmed offers or waitlist offers from top IP schools in year 2022!

Our workshop on interview skills for DSA was very well received! Nearly 85% of all parents feedbacked that they found the workshop “Extremely helpful” for their children, and the remaining 15% found it “Very helpful”!

Most of our teachers have master degrees with many years of experience. With online lessons, parents are also able to observe how our highly qualified teachers teach! We encourage you to sign up for our lessons to truly experience the difference for yourself! Register now for a free trial lesson at

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