Developing my 3 year old’s potential

One of the few things that I do to develop DS’s potential is that I have enrolled him in aesthetics based enrichment classes. Personally, I do not see the need to enroll him in academic based classes as he is so young and at this point of time, and I am more concerned about nurturing his mind, ‘creative juices’and instilling a good sense of value system.

He attends Art and Music classes, which he enjoys tremendously and refuses to stop. He is so enthusiastic that his music teacher suggested that he is ready for group keyboard lessons. To me, his enthusiasm is more priceless than anything else. At home, we come up with our own band and play ‘rojak’ music using his daddy’s guitar, djimbe, some musical instruments (from yamaha) I managed to obtain from a forummer here.

I bring him for walks around the estate. Currently, there is a lot of digging in progress and he never fails to want look at the workers on the excavators and understand the whole process of construction work. So I let him and indulge in his questioning. He picks up new vocabulary words and learns to phrase sentences accurately.

At home, we’ve created our own road system like the CTE tunnel, speed strips and humps using cardboard boxes, paper and colour pencils as he is so crazy about the mechanisms behind them. I bought cheap racing cars/cars for him to experiment with them on our make-shift road system to satisfy his curiosity.

And oh, thanks to a forummer mrswongtuition, we were able to observe and talk about the life cycle of a butterfly with real caterpillars!

I have only but just started teaching phonics at home. He enjoys me reading to him. He enjoys asking questions about the plot. He enjoys asking questions, period. He’s got an insatiable thirst to know more, more and more. That, to me is VERY important. What I also like to do is to tell him a very short story and in turn get him to tell me one after that. And its really hilarious how he tries to develop his plot. His favorite name for his character is ‘Bumbolo.’

So in short, for me personally, to develop his potential means to allow him to experiment and explore (with limits of course), ask his questions freely and try my best to answer him to build up his General Knowledge, engage him in imaginative play, encourage his creative juices to flow but never ever with any force.

That to me, is what developing my child’s potential is all about – for now. After he started pre-sch, I actually considered stopping the classes, but my DS said he enjoyed attending them. The only thing I did was to change the classes from weekdays to Saturdays so that he would not be tired out after school. In this way, DH and I get to spend quality time together in our favorite cafe as DS is productively occupied.

Once he gained some confidence in Gym class, I replaced it with Music. If I do enroll him in chess class later on, he will have to give up on Art, unless if he insists otherwise as I too, do not believe in overwhelming him.

Great tips

I do believe children should be encouraged to explore.


Thanks for sharing your experience. How is your son now? Still attending music class?


Great Article! Thanks for sharing


developing potential

Great article. Thanks for sharing

It is great!

Good stuff!

Thanks.. very useful tips..

I have not decided on the enrichment class for my DS

learning should be fun!

Yes, I totally agree with you, learning should be fun to the kids, instead of pushing them to all kinds of enrichment classes, we should let them choose and go those they really like and enjoy!

I’ve just started my home teaching on phonics and my gal really like it 🙂

Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for sharing 🙂

tks for sharing

tks for sharing

wish I can do the same too!


I knew you are a devoted mum, didn’t know that you are THAT devoted!  Can I tobang my DS3 with you so your DS also have a friend to play with??  


you are not alone, my 26mth old still king-ing around at home… 

Hey BlurBee

Thanks for sharing, AB.

Ur DS is ‘busy’. My DS also enjoy the bedtime reading with me & his sister. I’ve not yet plan any enrichment class for him, think I’m disqualify as KSP. 


Hey BlurBee,

Thanks for your note.

Actually, my DS is just being given the opportunity to learn/expose/pick up stuff cuz I wish I could have been given that same opportunity when I was younger ….

However as mentioned, never to the point of forcing him as that will certainly be detrimental

looking forward to see

looking forward to see those mini projects! Ds have been asking me to make something together with him, but I have been procrastinating.. 

let me know any time… 

My kinda mommy!

Loved your article, autumnbronze sista! You’re my kinda mommy awrite!

Many parents are too fixated on the acads and classes and learning ahead and all that.. but many fail to realize that the child is a whole person and the need to develop holistically as a whole person is very important. When we take the time to do the little things… listen to the little things (and i mean every little thang.. heheee..)…. take time to explore and learn beyond hitting classes and books and more home lessons… when we take the time to let a child be a child, that’s when they grow and learn naturally. There are a million ways to inspire a child to learn and it is when we really take the time to observe them while they’re growing and developing, is when we can identify his learning potentials… be it the hidden or obvious ones.

Kudos to my kinda mommy! 


Thanks mintcc

Thanks mintcc,

Its just a very very simple construction.  Nothing complicated.  I am no expert in Art and Craft but I have to try for my DS

I have ‘dismantle‘ the set up, but will try and put in back and post pics here, together with some other mini ‘projects’  we did together.  May need your help in the posting

Hi DesertWind

 Hi there,


Have PM-ed you

Hi autumnbronze, Thanks for

Hi autumnbronze,

Thanks for sharing!  May I know what sort of music lesson your son is going to?  Is it from Yamaha or others?  Because I know Yamaha classes only takes in from 3.5 yo onwards so I am unable to sign my son up now.  Gymboree music seems too kiddy already so not sure which music program is good?

What a talented young man,

What a talented young man, AB  No doubt from his momma’s positive influence.

My DD enjoys her daily flashcard dvds, especially the ones with musical instruments and animals. When it comes to flags/monuments/great wonders of the world, she starts getting bored and rubbing her eyes *lol*

We also have our daily walks around the neighborhood to meet and greet neighbors, their children and pets. DD especially enjoys meeting little wild animals like squirrels, chickens/roosters, birds, moles, rats (eeks) and even snakes (double eeks).

I sure would like to meet Bumbolo one day 

what a wonderful way to

what a wonderful way to spend time with your ds! honestly, up till tdy, i still feel that dd learn the most and best during the times i spent with her. be it to the library, when we go downstairs for a walk, when we r taking the bus. it amazes me how much she picks up from me, far more than what she remembers and picks up in school! and we r not even attending any lessons or doing any formal curriculum. so i highly recommend parents just take time to do the most mundane things with their kids. u wil be surprised what they remember abt these bonding sessions! 

Wow you have your own band

Wow you have your own band at home and even made your own road systems? I think it’s great! I also want to try to be more hands on and spend time teaching my DS and making learning fun for him. It’s a good reminder not to get too caught up with the rat race and rushing from one tuition class to another.

I want my boy to enjoy his childhood! I try to tell him bedtime stories every night, some I read from books, and some I invent myself, sometimes based on our own experiences. My dad used to do that for me, and I remember how I always look forward to hearing his stories. Sometimes kids enjoy the simplest things and don’t need expensive classes or toys to make them happy.




Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing, AB.

Ur DS is ‘busy’. My DS also enjoy the bedtime reading with me & his sister. I’ve not yet plan any enrichment class for him, think I’m disqualify as KSP. 

thanks for sharing this,

thanks for sharing this, autumnbronze, especially like the idea of making  road system like the CTE tunnel, speed strips and humps using cardboard boxes, paper and colour pencils

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