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Did you know? 77% of moms agree they don’t give enough whole grain to their kids at breakfast!

Rise and shine! It’s another new day. But the clock’s ticking, so the fastest way to bundle your kids out of the house and into class before the school bell rings is your topmost priority. Breakfast? That will simply have to be anything you can grab and go, regardless of whether it ticks the right boxes on the food pyramid… or any box at all!

According to a Taylor Nielson Sofres (TNS) study conducted in 2011 that surveyed mothers aged 25-45 years with kids 6-16 years old, 96% of moms are aware of the benefits of whole grain yet 77% feel that they are not giving enough whole grain to their kids during breakfast.

So why aren’t parents giving their kids a better breakfast? Time constraint, fussy eaters and habit are just some of the factors that prevent kids from getting their proper nutrition for the most important meal of the day.

After a night’s rest, the first meal of the day literally breaks the overnight fast and boosts metabolism. Starting the day right with a good breakfast is extremely important and it is not difficult to sneak in some fibre and nutrients from whole grain foods. Like fuel for an engine, a breakfast that includes whole grain foods provides energy for your child to kickstart his day’s activities. Cereals, like NESTLÉ Breakfast Cereals, are a quick and simple solution.

Packed with the goodness of whole grains and fortified with vitamins, NESTLÉ Breakfast Cereals is a nutritious breakfast option that moms can trust. For example, one bowl of NESTLÉ KOKO KRUNCH made with whole grain provides at least half of your child’s recommended daily Vitamin C intake, as well as other essential nutrients such as iron and calcium. It also contains fibre equivalent to two slices of white bread.

Kids love the rich chocolaty taste of NESTLÉ KOKO KRUNCH too and when nutritious food tastes this good, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to teach your children about proper nutrition. After all, picky little eaters will usually be convinced after they have actually tasted something they like.

Leading a healthy lifestyle and learning how to eat responsibly should be inculcated from young. You can show them how to eat responsibly by starting in your home kitchen and pointing out what foods are good and what should be taken in moderation. The key things are for you to eat in a way that you expect your children to eat and to create a home environment of nutritious foods. Children need regular exposure to these foods so that they grow to develop a liking for them. Don’t give up if they reject the food at first; try presenting it in different ways such as topping off a bowl of cereal made with whole grain with some strawberries and banana slices to add some colour and variety to entice them. It also helps if children get involved in the preparation of breakfast, to help reinforce the importance of eating a nutritious breakfast at the start of each day.

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