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Did you know? Whole Grain Foods Are Important For Your Child’s Diet!

Are you one of those parents who are constantly reminding your kid to eat his greens and drink more water? Now there’s another food group that you should include in your checklist when it comes to looking after your child’s nutrition.

The Health Promotion Board implemented its Dietary Guidelines for Children in 2008 and highlighted whole grain foods as an important component of children’s diets.  Children need energy to grow, learn and play, and whole grain foods are a good source of energy.


Whole grain, also known as kernel, is the seed of a plant when left intact. It consists of three parts: the Bran (outer shell), the Endosperm (inner body) and the Germ (embryo that when fertilized will sprout into a new plant).

Rich in nutrients, the outer bran is made up mainly of fibre, B vitamins and iron; the endosperm is a source of energy, carbohydrate and some B vitamins; the inner germ contains B vitamins and iron.

Think apples with their skin peeled. Did you know that peeling away the skin of apples before eating can mean stripping away a majority of its vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants that actually “keep the doctor away”?

Benefits of Whole Grain

Whole grain foods contain complex carbohydrates and essential nutrients such as iron and B vitamins that can be used up by the body more efficiently as a source of energy. So when your child gets his required amount of whole grain foods during breakfast, the most important meal of the day, he will be well equipped with the energy to kickstart the day’s activities in school.

Even if you have picky little eaters, getting your child to eat nutritiously need not become a parent-child tussle at the breakfast table. Incorporating whole grain food is simple, with the host of breakfast options available.

Fuss-free and tasty, cereals are always a popular choice for parents pressed for time and kids who only eat what they like. A bowlful of cereal made with whole grain, such as NESTLÉ BREAKFAST CEREAL, is a nutritious option as it not only contains the benefits of whole grain, but also fibre which aids digestion and keeps hunger at bay for a longer period of time so your kid will tend to snack less often later in the day.

One bowl of NESTLÉ KOKO KRUNCH made with whole grain contains fibre equivalent to two slices of regular white bread, as well as other essential nutrients like B Vitamins, Iron and Calcium to help your child’s growth and development.

Parents can take your pick of a wide variety of flavours, each and every one made with the goodness of whole grain and kids especially will love the delicious taste of NESTLÉ KOKO KRUNCH and NESTLÉ HONEY STARS. You can also pique picky eaters’ appetites by adding milk or yoghurt and topping up with fruits like berries and banana slices, and even healthy nuts like pecans and walnuts.

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