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Discovery Vacation Camp Dec 2007

Discovery Vacation Camp is back for the coming end of year school holidays.  Highly recommended for Pri 1-6 children.  As usual, it is held at 3 different locations – Raffles Girls Primary School, Catholic High, and Tao Nan.  Prices @ $350 are quite reasonable for 5 full-days with meals provided and 2-3 field trips.  Themes include:

  • Primary 1
    • Head-start Science (Catholic High)
    • Sensing Science (RGPS)
    • Young Discovers (Tao Nan)
  • Primary 2-3
    • Astonishing Science  (Catholic High)
    • Hot Hot Science  (Catholic High)
    • Brainy Science (RGPS)
    • Wacky Science (RGPS)
    • Cool Science (Tao Nan)
    • Fun-tastic Science (Tao Nan)
  • Primary 4-6
    • Rocketing Science  (Catholic High)
    • Maestro Science (RGPS)
    • Awesome Science (Tao Nan)
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